Talent Strategy

Make top talent easier to attract and harder to lose.

Making your company attractive to top talent is one of the keys to recruiting successfully.

Candidates consider more than money and titles. Culture, employment brand, retention and job stretch are just a few things that top performers consider when making a career move.

Working as an unbiased partner to your team, we consult on the full hiring process including attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent.

Online Reputation and Employment Brand: First impressions count – 80% of candidates research your organization before ever talking to anyone.

Talent Attraction Strategy: Recruiting is a “sales process”. It’s critical that a company is able to present itself in a way that top performers want to “buy into” working for your company.

Recruiting Process: Creating a seamless process where the entire hiring team is on the same page is critical to “closing the sale” in the hunt for top talent.

They aren’t focused on filling a position, they are really looking at how we can develop our people strategy in our company and actually achieve what we were hoping to do which is grow our business. "
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Having the ability to look at a company’s overall “People Strategy” makes Titus Talent unique in the recruiting industry. Looking at the bigger picture and not just focusing on the fill sets the tone for attracting and retaining top talent company-wide.

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