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We love FIM because of the amazing people in the organization (hello…THE Kristie Clayton!) and the dedication to running companies using the tools and disciplines of EOS®. At Titus, we have a world-class V/I combo and our mission involves helping other companies fill crucial seats and also come in as a fractional talent management team. We are obsessed with getting the right people into the right seats, freeing you as an Integrator up to integrate!

Upcoming Events

Business Problems are People Problems

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 | 7:30am-9:00am CDT

In this Learning Workshop led by Amy Querin, we’ll discuss:

  • The top secrets of Titus’ internal hiring process
  • How to create your unique hiring strategy and stick to it as you scale
  • Avoiding the Top 3 people mistakes that prevent business growth

Amy is a visionary in the nonprofit arts scene who took the business world by storm lending her creative vitality to an Inc. 5000 firm, Titus Talent Strategies. As they say at Titus, “Amy is an experience.”


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The Secret to a High Performing, People First Culture

2022 FIM Summit in Nashville, TN | Nov. 2nd-4th

In this Learning Workshop led by Jonathan D. Reynolds, we’ll discuss:

  • What it means to put People First
  • Fostering a workplace that develops employee engagement, retention, and performance
  • Creating a culture you crave while driving the business results that will take you to the next level

Jonathan is passionate about life. He loves people – helping them live life “on purpose.” As a problem solver and a pioneer, Jonathan loves helping clients solve real, wicked problems.

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