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Hiring in any industry can be difficult and stressful. However, there’s an additional layer of pressure because employees in the healthcare industry directly impact people’s health and overall well-being. In order to find healthcare professionals that are dedicated you need a healthcare recruitment partner that understands your hiring challenges.

We understand the unique hiring challenges of the healthcare industry, and we can equip your organization to overcome them. Every healthcare system has its unique set of requirements, and we want to ensure that your organization has the talent it needs to grow and flourish. Titus Talent Strategies uses unique healthcare recruitment strategies to identify, attract, and hire passionate healthcare workers. 

Creativity is the name of the game in healthcare recruiting. Our team can put together a strategy to give you a competitive edge with the top healthcare talent. Connect with us today to get started. 

Ready to transform your healthcare talent strategy?

  1. We sit on your side of the table
    • We have a team of healthcare talent experts that will serve as your trusted advisor
  2. Performance-based Hiring and Predictive Index Principles
    • Attract top healthcare talent, connect with candidates, and fast-track the hiring process.
  3. Defined, measurable & transparent process
    • Hire passionate and qualified healthcare talent in a faster, smarter & more affordable way.
  4. Hiring Solution Guarantee
    • Our success is linked to yours. We want to ensure that you’re just as happy with your hire on day 1 as you are on day 365.
  5. Training – We love knowledge transfer to our partners (learning)
    • HR in healthcare extends far beyond hiring and onboarding. Career development and training are essential in the rapidly evolving medical industry.

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""The quality of candidates Titus Talent forwarded to us, and the level of attention to detail was excellent."
Human Resource DirectorRoyal Oaks

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Infographic - Titus Talent is trusted by the top 98% in healthcare. We saved $3.5 million in fees last year for our clients. Own 100% of candidate data.

Let’s start a conversation about how the Titus Talent approach can help your organization immediately fill positions today and help you prepare for future demand. Contact us to create a partnership devoted to you and to learn more about our cost-effective tiered solutions model.

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