10 Hiring Mo”meme”nts Captured by Our Favorite Memes

By: Bethany Whitted


If you’re in the business of hiring people, we bet you’ll resonate with these 10 hiring moments, captured by our favorite characters.

  1. The candidate who is refreshingly honest.

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We’ve all experienced a candidate who portrays themselves as perfect. As demonstrated by George Costanza here, sometimes honesty is refreshing.

2. Letting non-job-related criteria into your interview.

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Andy Bernard letting his biases get the best of him. Learn how you can avoid this here.

3. When you’re not getting the candidates you’re looking for.

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Perhaps, like Elaine, you’re not attracting the candidates you’re looking for? Try a better Employee Value Proposition. More on that here.

4. When deciding between two awesome candidates.

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Sometimes having multiple great candidates makes things more difficult. Using better interview questions can help you get clarity. Try this question to bring out candidate differences that matter.

5. When you add a cover letter to the application.

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Throwing an extra hurdle at your candidates is a double-edged sword. Too lengthy, and people won’t bother with your application. Too simplistic, and you’ll acquire an enormous pile of resumes.

6. When an overqualified candidate tells you about their last project.

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The smartest people can translate complex concepts into simple ones, right?

7. When you’re unclear about the job performance objectives.

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Don’t be like Andy. Know the most important 3-5 things you want your new hire to accomplish in their first year. More on performance objectives here.

8. When you demonstrate that you value work-life balance.

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Leslie Knope puts it best. Everyone’s looking for that work-life-waffle balance. But seriously, rest is important. Find out more on the importance of rest here.

9. When a candidate over promises.

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We’d love it if that were true!

10. When you realize there’s very few people out there who meet the qualifications you’re looking for.

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There’s a little bit of Kramer in all of us. Does your manager position truly require 10 years of experience, fluent French, and a master’s degree?

Wrapping up.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 hiring moments captured by memes. Perhaps you laughed and maybe even learned something. As always, Titus is here to help you make the BEST human capital decisions. Happy hiring!

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