10 Year Titus Anniversary: Mike Kuenzi

By: Titus Talent Strategies


All Things Gold… Mike Kuenzi

MVP (And also, Regional Vice President at Titus)

There is no one quite like Mike. Know him for a minute and it will feel like Y-E-A-R-S… years of being seen, being understood, and being cared for. Perhaps it’s all his investment in leading the Talent Optimization team and seeing each person through the Predictive Index lens or maybe it’s his seemingly prophetic advantage – Mike oozes with warmth, empathy, and empowerment. He sees…. YOU. US. He is FOR you and WITH you.

Having been with Titus since its humble beginning, Mike knows what it is to build a bridge while simultaneously driving on it. AND, he does it with grace. His leadership is amplified by his heart – a one-of-a-kind leader with whom it is a privilege to run with. “People are so worth it…,” says Mike. It’s that connection that allows us to make the greatest impact.

It’s not just warm and fuzzies though. Annually, we can count on Mike for a lot of toasts, a smidge of team members roasts, but never any boasts. A little rhyme, a little rap, Mike is sure to surprise you!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the Connection King!

Abe Lincoln once said, “… it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Thank you, Mike, for inspiring all the life in our years.

Mike Kuenzi 10 year anniversary

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