10 Year Titus Anniversary: Jeff Boucher

By: Titus Talent Strategies


The Director of Chaos: Jeff Boucher

Senior Director at Titus, Jeff Boucher, was employee number 6 (as he remembers it 😉). He is the self-proclaimed Director of Chaos. He loves to throw his team to the wild. He entrusts, empowers, and allows for evolution.

All jokes aside, Jeff is one of our top leaders at Titus Talent, leading his region in quality and his people through rapid growth.

Known for his dashing good looks, MC quality voice, lightning-quick wit, unwavering loyalty, and his endless supply of jokes, Jeff is truly an icon at Titus.

Jeff is committed and a perfect picture of integrity. He is an amazing leader, a trusted partner, and a loyal friend. Jeff provides the why behind everything, follows up, follows through, and is always available to lend his heart.

Of all the hats Jeff wears, he enjoys “building” most. Systems, processes, people… whether you’re a partner or a team member, Jeff is always looking for ways to support your innovation, development, and growth.

He enjoys high stakes and great steaks… and we enjoy him!

Jeff, thank you for 10 years of greatness. Cheers to 10 more years!

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