Attracting Top Talent? Blunt, Bold, Daring.

By: Susan Schlink


Job descriptions.  Just the title alone would bore anyone. The typical job description is a laundry list of what a person’s day to day will be like and what metrics will be measured.  Often, they are multiple pages, and in this fast-paced environment, longer isn’t better.

If companies want to attract top talent with their job descriptions, they need to be engaging and direct. Check out this job description which, dates back to the early 1900s. This job advertisement is said to be one of the most famous in history.  It’s engaging and direct.  People knew what they were applying for (direct) and, the ad attracted the men that wanted adventure with great reward (engagement).

Businesses can learn a lot from a job ad that is over 100 years old! Grab people’s attention, get people excited and, be clear about the expectations. Did you notice the length of the ad?  You don’t need pages of copy to get people to apply!

If you’re looking to rework your approach to writing job descriptions, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

First Tip…. why not try a 5-minute quick video about your opportunity? This job description video is a great example. Have a person that shows passion about the company talk about why the job would appeal to the candidate. Make sure the person in the video is from that department or already in that role.  For instance, if the job opening is for a salesperson, don’t let an accounting person do the video. Accounting and sales are typically two different sets of personalities and, one may not understand how to attract the other.

Second Tip…short and sweet. Your job description doesn’t have to be 2 pages to get attention. Describe the job as a series of critical performance objectives (what does this person need to do to be successful) vs. a laundry list of skills.

You could also list some job perks. In a job market with low unemployment, this may be a great way to stand out. Do you offer paid health insurance, unlimited vacation, Taco Tuesdays? It is important to highlight your company’s unique culture and team dynamics in a fun way! Even if you’re with a company that isn’t widely known, candidates will begin to keep an eye out for openings at your company if they know you have a great brand with lots to offer.

Final Tip…make sure the style of your job description appeals to your target audience. If you are writing a job description for an artist or a designer you want to keep it conversational, light-hearted, and highlight the company culture. If you are writing the description for a VP of Finance, you may want to focus on numbers, goals, company vision/growth opportunities.  “One size fits all” job descriptions don’t work if you want to attract the best of the best.

The process of creating a good job description is a mixture of fun and focus. You want to include some “pizzazz” about what makes your company unique. To ensure a great response, use keywords, provide some detail and make sure you tell the candidates what’s in it for them. Don’t be afraid to be different and stand out.  People will click on the daring and the bold and steer away from the boring and standard.

If you’d like more information on how to make your job descriptions attract top talent in your industry, we’d love to talk!


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