How To Build a Candidate Pipeline (Part Two)

By: Joel Lalgee


Remember that pipelining and networking go hand in hand. If you have a strong and effective network in the marketplace, you have the benefit of accessing top candidates and warm referrals quickly.  This approach is critical in building a strong candidate pipeline and can drastically reduce cost and time to fill.

Here are 7 ways to network and help build a strong candidate pipeline for your organization:

  • Look for opportunities to network every day at events you attend in the marketplace. This could include both professional and personal. Never underestimate the power of networking at places like children’s sporting events, volunteer events and other social settings.
  • Schedule time consistently to take people out to coffee or lunch to personally “connect”.  Making networking a weekly or monthly priority is just good business practice and can lead to great referrals for your company’s candidate pipeline.
  • Create a strong Employee Referral Program.  Remember, your best employees can also be your best external advocates for your organization. (Read our blog on how to start an Employee Referral Program)
  • Stay connected with top candidates that interviewed in the past and decided not to take the position because of timing.  Things change and many of these top performers may reconsider working for your organization down the road.  In addition, these top candidates can also make great referral sources.
  • Include your hiring managers in building your candidate pipeline by having them stay connected as well.  Encourage these people to connect monthly with 3-5 candidates that would be a great fit for your organization.  Even if they are not currently looking for a new role, networking will make your organization front and center when these top performers consider making a move down the road.
  • Use social media to attract top candidates for your pipeline.  Having people sign up for blogs or newsletters is a great way to see who’s engaged with your brand and who may be interested in working for your organization down the road.
  • Consider working with a talent partner that can help put together a pipeline strategy and implement the process.  Many human resource departments don’t have time to commit to this very important recruiting component, so hiring a partner can alleviate some stress and ultimately make smart financial sense.

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