Do Assessments Help or Hinder the Hiring Process?

By: Erik Kasabuske


According to a recent article, 80% of all Fortune 500 companies use some type of assessment tool for coaching, development, team building and HIRING. With the unemployment rate at its lowest since 1969, it’s important to understand if using an assessment during the interview process can help or hinder you in finding the right talent to achieve your company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Assessment tools like Predictive Index were introduced to the United States during World War I to assess military personnel for job fit. These assessments later made their way into the business world to assess candidates for executive level roles.  Given the cost of a bad hire, it’s now commonplace for an organization to use assessments for even entry-level positions.

What are the benefits of using an assessment tool during the interview process?  Here are 3 reasons that will get you thinking.

  1. Get Beyond the Resume…Resumes only tell you what specific skills the candidate possesses, and skills are only 1/3 of the equation for hiring success. At Titus Talent Strategies, we use assessments to address the behavior (needs and drives) and cognitive ability (learn, adapt and grasp new concepts) of candidates as well. By using an assessment specifically for hiring, we can increase the hiring success rate of a candidate by over 50%.
  2. Questions That Count…Assessments can also provide the hiring team additional information to create relevant interview questions. Hiring decisions are too often based on gut reactions instead of solid data. Providing data driven questions that are relevant to a specific candidate can quickly uncover critical strengths, weaknesses and/or behaviors that will make or break a hiring decision.
  3. Peel Back the layers…Candidates don’t need to be professional interviewers to be successful in a role. Some candidates can do an amazing job selling themselves in an interview but lack the skills, motivation and cognitive ability to be successful. On the flip side, some candidates may not be as strong at interviewing, but might have exactly what it takes to be your next rock star. Using an assessment tool can help you uncover the different layers of a candidate and take the guesswork out of interviewing. Using a strong assessment tool can help you and your hiring team discover a “true performer” for your organization.

If you’re looking to explore the benefits of using an assessment tool during your interview process, click below for a free consultation from Titus Talent.  We’d be happy answer any questions, and walk you through our process.

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