Edge Out Your Competition when Hiring Top Talent

By: Joel Lalgee


A wise man once told me if you want to beat your competition then do what they are not doing. In the case of attracting talent this should be no different. Look at your competitors…perhaps they have a complicated interview process that isn’t very personal, or they have a reputation for treating candidates like a commodity.

In a talent market where there is a scarcity of skilled workers, you need to learn to stand out from your competition. Making your interview process unique and memorable can help set you apart from the very beginning.

Below are ten ways to make your recruiting process shine:

  1. Personal Messaging – take the time to ensure your messaging to top talent is unique. Get to know the candidate and tailor your communication around their interests and hot buttons.
  2. Interactive Communication – instead of a boring phone call for your initial touchpoint, use Skype or use some other interactive software to communicate to your candidate. This face-time may be just want the candidate ordered.  You can even throw in a tour of the office and say “HI” to some key team members.
  3. Food for Thought – everyone likes a tasty treat.  Bring your candidate to a neutral location that is more relaxed to share your opportunity.  People are much more receptive to information when the atmosphere is right.
  4. Thank you – Send a personal “thank you” follow-up message from the leaders of the company expressing key things they like about the candidate. This could be a hand-written note or video.
  5. Pre-employment Assessments – Believe it or not, using the right assessments, like Predictive Index, can help you asses the candidate quickly and provide tailored interview questions that will be more meaningful and engaging.
  6. SWAG – Everyone loves a little SWAG. Send some company SWAG to your candidate as a personal “thank you”.
  7. Picture This – Send a video featuring the hiring manager telling the candidate WHY they would be the perfect fit for the team.
  8. Game Day – when you get that great new hire, send a welcome gift or kit before their first day. It’s never too late to make a first impression!

The last two points are helpful if the candidate is not chosen for the role.  You want great ambassadors for your company, and handling a discarded candidate the right way is so important and often overlooked.

  1. Timeliness – If possible, focus on keeping the total interview process to two weeks. People don’t like to be dragged through a long process with little to no communication.
  2. Thank You – If you are going to discard the candidate still conduct a final call with them thanking them for their time and effort. You always want to end on a good note.

If you would like to know more about how to enhance your interview process, we’d love to help.

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