Eliminate Candidate Ghosting with These Simple Steps

By: Tiffany Grosskreutz


After months of interviews, reference checks, maybe a declined offer or two, you have FINALLY received an accepted offer for the opening on your team. Time to celebrate!! Not so fast… CNN posted an article about new hires ghosting their first day of work, which is a growing epidemic in today’s job market.

Your future new hire could have received a counter-offer from their current company or perhaps a better offer from another company they were interviewing with simultaneously. Either way, here are 3 unique engagement ideas BETWEEN offer acceptance and start date to ensure your new hire is just as excited as you are for day 1 and beyond.

  1. A Personalized Swag Bag

Nothing says welcome more than a personalized swag bag full of branded merch! You could include a coffee mug, pens, apparel, a koozie… you name it. Think of how crazy people get when the t-shirt gun comes out at sporting events. You can recreate this experience at your new hire’s home when they receive this awesome gift! You can even turn things up a bit by including a card signed by the entire team to really make them feel welcome.

  1. Team Connection

Have your new hire’s future teammates connect with him/her via LinkedIn and send a personalized message welcoming them to the team and inviting them to lunch on or before their first day. If it can be before, awesome! It’s a great way to get to know someone in advance of their first day so they have some familiar faces when showing up on day 1. If it’s day of, be sure to include them in the restaurant decision so they feel like a part of the team as quickly as possible.

  1. Send a Day 1 Agenda Before Day 1

I know this may seem basic, but it’s a great way for your new hire to visualize their first day and get excited when they see things like BREAK and LUNCH. Computer setup, HR Rules, and Office Tour may also be exciting to them if you can believe it. The more real you can make this day, the better the chances they will fully commit themselves to the opportunity. If you’re looking for some tips on a first day agenda, check out this article on LinkedIn to liven up your onboarding.

There you have it, 3 easy ways to ensure you will not be ghosted by your new hire on their first day! If you want to chat further about this or any other topic related to talent, please connect with me on LinkedIn or like and follow Titus Talent Strategies. Our knowledge is your knowledge!



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