Employee Spotlight: Martha Ludlow

By: Titus Talent Strategies


Martha Ludlow

Martha is a pillar at Titus.

She is our Accounting Manager.

You’ve heard the saying, “She who holds the purse…” Needless to say, without Martha, we would be out of balance! As one of the longest-tenured employees at Titus, Martha has seen it all.

From our humble beginnings to our recent explosion of growth, Martha has steadied the ship. You might know her as the rule follower or the fixer, the one who keeps everything orderly, and does the right thing…

While that’s 100% accurate, when we  asked Martha what brought her to Titus, she’d tell you, she “wanted to go where the fun was.” She loves a good party, dancing, and karaoke. And, if you look down, you might just sneak a peak of Martha’s wide variety of wild socks!

Martha enjoys visiting historical landmarks, is an excessive hugger 😉, works hard, and goes out of her way to do the best for people. If you were to ever cross paths with Martha on her day off, you’d probably find her soaking in the beauty of nature with a cup of coffee, a good book, and a delicious salad.

She is a Mama to the whole Titus Family – and we are better for that.

Martha – WE LOVE YOU!

Thank you for the TEN years you’ve invested to the Titus Family!!!!

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