Feeding America: How to Boost Your Hiring in Agriculture

By: Susan Schlink


Throughout 2020 a lot of things have been changing or shifting. Agriculture is not one of them. The Agriculture industry is as strong as ever and continues to feed America during these tough times.

At Titus, we have a team dedicated to hiring in Agriculture. Throughout the last few years and even in the recent months, we have noticed that these things remain true for successful hiring in this industry.

Build a Candidate Pipeline

Employees in Agriculture have a strong loyalty to their employer. If you are recruiting during a busy season such as a harvest or planting, candidates are less likely to consider a move. They never want to leave their current employer high and dry. That is why it is important to build a pipeline prior to your hiring needs.

When recruiting for sales roles in the Agricultural space, we have found candidates typically will only move companies maybe twice or three times in their career. They build a trusted name and reputation with a specific brand and suddenly “jumping ship” for a different company or brand ruins your name in the industry. The business owners to whom they sell see it as being misled or worse, lied to. It then becomes harder for the sales rep to sell. Many sales deals in the agricultural world are done on a handshake and “their word being stronger than oak” (Jerry Maguire, 1996).

Consider Relocation

We have found that Agriculture positions often lie in rural, less suburban parts of the United States. Due to a small local talent pool, companies need to be open to relocating candidates to bring in that top performer. Many candidates who choose this line of work don’t mind relocating, especially if there is a strong compensation package and the company offers a direct growth plan. In fact, many candidates expect to relocate as it gives them a better opportunity to move up in their career.


With COVID-19 hitting the corporate-level positions, we have found many internal hiring teams have been reduced, resulting in greater stress to hire the same amount of people in a shorter amount of time. This is why it is important to use a team such as Titus Talent Strategies who can work alongside your HR team.  We can source passive or active candidates to help build a strong pipeline and screen candidates prior to your onsite or phone interviews. We can be involved as much as you need us or we can handle just one facet of the recruiting. Plus, we often discover candidates whom you can use for future positions while working on other roles.

We’d love to talk more about how we can Partner with you! Connect with our Director in the Agricultural space, Kyle Smith, on LinkedIn by clicking the button below.


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