Fill Healthcare Open Positions Faster Using One Thing.

By: Hailey Krause


According to, at the end of 2018, more than 16.2 million people will work in the healthcare sector, which accounts for nearly 11% of all jobs in the overall economy.  In addition, according to the BLS Projections, the healthcare sector employment will grow 18% from 2016 t0 2026, adding about 2.4 million new jobs.

What does this mean for recruiting in the healthcare industry?  It means, most healthcare organizations will never have enough time or resources internally to properly source, attract and hire the number of people needed to fill all the open positions!

So how do healthcare organizations beat the odds to create a strong candidate pipeline, fill all their open positions and build a strong reputation in the marketplace?

The Answer: A Dedicated Healthcare PBT (Pipeline Building Team)

There are so many powerful reasons why healthcare organizations should have a PBT as part of their recruiting strategy.  Here are six reasons to think about:

Up to 25% DECREASE Time To Fill

Having a dedicated PBT can typically help healthcare organizations decrease their time to fill by up to 30%!  Most HR departments don’t have the time or resources to identify key candidates in the marketplace, gather their contact information, personally reach out to them, and sell them on open opportunities.  A strong PBT can help pick up the recruiting pace by generating a strong candidate pipeline, engaging candidates faster, and encouraging more candidates to apply on-line.  All these “extra added” will help fill positions quicker and with more qualified talent.

Higher Response Rate From Key Candidates

Typical healthcare recruiters focus on applicants (anyone that applied to a position through their website and career page). This approach may have worked in an employer-driven market, but not anymore.  Sometimes the best-qualified people are already working, and not actively looking for a new job. Most healthcare organizations do not have time to allocate searching for passive candidates. That’s where the PBT comes in!

The PBT can engage candidates by sending a unique message to pique their interest and provide a strong EVP (employee value proposition) about the organization.  On average, the PBT receives a 25% better response rate than typical outreach, which means filling your open positions faster.

Creating A Strong Employer Brand

In order to build a successful candidate pipeline, the PBT can help DRIVE people to the opportunity on a client’s website or career page and PROMOTE their brand. According to, 46% of a brand’s image comes from what the organizations say, and how they say it. Therefore, the PBT acts as an advocate and ambassador within the market to analyze forecasts and trends that passive candidates are sharing. It’s like having your own marketing team within HR.

Driving More People To Your Database 

Another role of a PBT is building a database of candidates that may not be interested in one specific role but are open to exploring other positions within a client’s organization. In this process, links are sent to passive candidates to encourage them to apply online.  This process makes it easier for the candidate to quickly identify other opportunities within the same organization.  It also helps build a foundation and candidate pool for the future!

Cold Calling Is King

Healthcare systems and hospitals do not have time to cold call passive candidates. We know, however, that cold calling top candidates is a great way to move candidates down the recruiting funnel.  The PBT spends valuable time gathering contact information about your industry’s top prospects (personal emails, work emails, cell phone numbers, landline numbers). This information is highly valuable and increases the chances of connecting with these top industry leaders while piquing their interest about an opportunity.

Reduce Recruiting Spend

Who doesn’t love to save money?  If you don’t have the resources or time to have an internal PBT team, you can outsource this important role with the right healthcare recruiting partner.  Having an outsourced solution means you don’t need to hire full-time, salaried workers to do this job.  Also, you can easily ride the ups and downs of staffing demand without paying for unnecessary hours or overtime during the busy season. Flexibility, expertise and recruiting power is the name of the game.

If you’d like more information on how our Pipeline Building Team as been a recruiting game-changer for our healthcare Partners or how we can create a specialized team for you, connect with us!






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