How Do You Put the Right People in the Right Seat? Look at the Whole Person.

By: Andy Campbell


“So what do you do?”  A question that so many of us salespeople used to get much more frequently.  “I’m in sales for a talent strategy/recruitment firm,” my best attempt to condense my real, much longer, better articulated response.  A comment that I’ve been getting more frequently these days to this response is “Man, you guys (recruiters) must be busy… you know, with unemployment so high.”  The answer is yes, we are very busy, especially since unemployment is sitting around 11.1% currently. But are we busy with the right people?  In the talent world, regardless of how high or low unemployment is, our clients will always want the best – the top performers, the top 10%.

What are those top performers likely not doing right now?  Looking for a job.  I’ve had dozens of conversations over the last few months with hiring managers who have said that they cannot believe how much time they’ve wasted on bad interviews.  Sometimes several hours among several different people in the company, for just one person.  If only we had a way to identify top talent faster…  well, we do.

Predicting On The Job Performance

First, let’s take a step back. Did you know that the average hiring manager, without the use of any assessment tool or formal process in their hiring, has a 6% chance of predicting the on the job performance of the hired candidate? Those aren’t great odds. It may be just as effective to randomly draw a name from a hat and save yourself some time and money.

We at Titus take a different approach by following our proprietary system to look at the Whole Person Head, Heart, and Briefcase. What if I told you that Titus has the technology to turn 6% into 58% in less than 20 minutes? Through our Partnership with The Predictive Index, we examine the Head – a person’s behavioral traits and cognitive reasoning, to better predict on the job performance. This in turn helps to ensure we’re putting the Right Person in the Right Seat.

The Whole Person

We don’t just stop there, though. The Head is only 1/3 of the Whole Person. So to guarantee quality of hire, we also have to look at the Heart and Briefcase. The Heart component involves understanding candidates’ core values and how they align with our clients’ values – what motivates them, what their interests and beliefs are.  The Briefcase examines the candidates’ most significant career achievements and why they consider them to be the most significant. Together, looking at each component of the Whole Person allows us to say with confidence that we have the Right Person in the Right Seat.

The Importance of Post-Hire

After our candidates are hired, we provide onboarding, coaching and retention tools for our clients. Why? Ensuring you have the Right Person in the Right Seat doesn’t just stop once a hire has been made. That new employee requires training, mentoring, and leadership to continue as a top performer within your organization. By providing our clients with these post-hire supports, in alignment with following our Whole Person approach, we’re confident enough to guarantee our candidates for an entire year.

Yep, that’s right – and it’s simply an unheard of guarantee in recruitment.  Let us help you turn 6% into respectable numbers that you can feel confident in and put the Right People in the Right Seats. Interested in seeing for yourself how we do this? We’d be happy to show you. Just drop us a message by clicking the button below.

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