How The Predictive Index Can Improve Your Candidate Experience

By: Mike Kuenzi


In this tight talent market, creating a positive candidate experience is more important than ever. According to a recent article from SHRM, improving the candidate experience is the top talent acquisition goal of companies in 2019.

In the search for new ways to create a great candidate experience, many companies don’t realize that their employee assessment tools typically used to prescreen candidates, may also provide helpful resources to help turn their candidate experience from good to great.

One of the employee assessment tools on the market that can help create a positive candidate experience is The Predictive Index.  The Predictive Index can be a crucial tool in your hiring toolbox because it can create personalized interview questions for each candidate based on the ideal job pattern compared to the pattern of the candidate being interviewed.

These personalized questions are important for two reasons.  1. They can help confirm whether the candidate will be the best fit for the role. 2. They can help drive a better candidate experience by creating a more personalized candidate interview.

What are the benefits of creating specific interview questions geared toward the candidate? Here are 3 things to think about.

  1. Hiring team comes prepared and eager to learn. According to this article about interviewing, one of the pet peeves of candidates is that the hiring team is not prepared for the interview.  In this tight talent market, you can’t afford not to be prepared.  Having individualized candidate questions generated before the interview will help the hiring team prepare quicker and will give the candidate confidence that your hiring team put their best foot forward by putting the time and effort in upfront.
  2. All the hiring managers are on the same page. Nothing can be more frustrating to a top candidate than all the hiring managers having different goals and objectives. Top performers want to know the people they will be working with are on the same page, organized and focused.  Having clear questions that are agreed upon beforehand can help eliminate interview chaos, creating a positive company brand in the eyes of the candidate.
  3. Better candidate evaluation for overall success. Top performers want to know that if they are going to make a move, it’s absolutely the right fit.  Creating personalized interview questions for each candidate based on their personal assessment helps the hiring team pursue areas that may have not been considered before and to also potentially tackle red flags.  This in-depth analysis from the entire hiring team helps ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the role long-term.

If you’re looking for ways to make your candidate experience more engaging, connect with us.  We’ll show you how The Predictive Index can help create a more personalized interview process that can lead to stronger candidate experience and better success in hiring.

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