How to Use Video in Recruiting

By: Matt Gainsford


Be honest, how much time do you spend watching reels (it is true, they are far more engaging than the back of the shampoo bottle, but if that’s all you have)? 

Think of your favorite show or movie, what was it about it that moved you? Sound, tone, inflection, nuance, color, picture, story, all these elements combined are what create an experience designed to connect. 

What was the last video you shared and why? Video has taken over. Think YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, Teams, Ted Talks. Video invites action. 

Back in 2019 video accounted for 80% of all internet content, that was pre-pandemic. During the last two years video has become a lifeline for many. Video is the lens through which we experience the world. 

Experience is the keyword here. There is something about the stories we create and what we show through video that connects in a way like few other platforms. Video is dynamic. Video invites you into a story and, if you take it by the hand (Aladdin style) then it can take you on a journey and show you the world… and it can do the same for your candidates. Well doesn’t all that sound a little Hollywood? It’s dramatic but kind of true, and that’s the point. When candidates are interacting with you it’s a mixing of worlds and combining of stories. 

The candidate journey is their story colliding with yours, and it typically goes a little like this. 

  • Awareness: candidates get a glimpse of the opportunity.  
  • Consideration: The candidate starts doing their research to see whether this is something they may pursue further. 
  • Interest: It looks like it’s a go, there’s interest and they are beginning to become emotionally invested. 
  • Application: This is what active interest looks like. They are making their intentions known and it’s getting serious 
  • Selection: interviews, assessments, conversations, vision casting and choices to be made, on both sides. 
  • Hire: You’ve navigated competing companies, the candidate is excited, they read our blog on counter offers and have turned down the promise of leaving their current job in 6 months and missing out on superior opportunity… basically they’re on board and accepting your offer.  

Now imagine this journey but with an increase in organic traffic of 157%, a 1200% increase in shares vs text and image alone and topped off with a 34% improvement in application. That’s the power of video. 

That’s a little of the what and the why so here’s the where, when and how.  

Hiring Managers and companies can use video for 

  • Employer Brand – Video can communicate the heart, soul and vision of your company providing a unique opportunity to share vision. It’s one thing to say you are generous company, it is another to show stories that highlight the real impact on real people. Video invites someone in to imagine that they can be a part of what you’re doing; to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

  • EVP – Story, impact, and opportunity. Again, this is a chance to see your values in action, and to hear from the people that work on your team. Stories that resonate are the stories that connect us; the stories that inspire us. 
  • Explain the hiring process: There is nothing wrong with an informative/instructional video, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you’ve had the chance to fly recently, you’ll get a glimpse into the increased production values of the safety videos; putting on a seat belt never looked more epic. It’s amazing the difference knowing what to expect can do for engagement. It’ll set expectations for your candidates on what to expect during the process, when they’ll hear from you, what each interview stage will look like, info on the hiring manager. It’s all designed to connect and to facilitate transparent conversation which will give both parties a more honest experience and opportunity to make an informed decision. 
  • Say thank you for applying. Imagine that as soon as someone applies for a role, they receive an email or note with a video saying thank you and outlining next steps. It fosters relationship and again, defines expectations. 
  • Interview (we use it for candidates to submit their own introductory video): We’ve been mainly focused on one way video however we are seeing a volcanic increase in Zoom interviews taking place. One thing that we have been trialing is the candidate video introduction whereby we ask candidates to record a short 1-2minute video introducing themselves, what stood out to them about the opportunity.  
  • Set first day expectations: Onboarding can be a nerve-wracking experience, remote onboarding even more so. Imagine being able to outline what a candidate’s first day might look like, and if the onboarding process is truly remote then consider a Zoom lunch with the team and provide your newest team member with a gift card to cover lunch. 
  • Introduce the team before you introduce the team. 

The Benefits of using Video 

  1. Increase engagement and presence in SEO channels: Video can according to Brightcove drive a 157% in organic traffic according to Brightcove. Text on video adds another layer of SEO which can lead to a boost in ranking. Google loves video and it can significantly help with the algorithms. 
  2. Share the love: Video reaches people, video wants to be shared. Wordstream suggests that video has 1200% more shares than text and word combined. Make your job posting more shareable and engaging.  
  3. It’s in the eyes: Eye contact, sincerity, true tone of voice; connection. CareerBuilder says video can lead to a greater application rate, as high as 34%, and it’s likely due to the fact that candidates have a true sense of what the role entails, they’ve caught sight of something inspiring they want to be a part of, and they can picture themselves building something special. 
  4. Do I have your attention? Career builder says job postings with video obtain 12% more views, which increases your chances of connecting with a candidate. 
  5. Cast a culture vision: Imparting a glimpse of everyday life in your workplace can enhance the candidate experience and give them a true feel for “a day in the life” (side note: how you present the day to day can be compelling, but we suggest it be genuine, not just an 80’s style montage series with high fives galore… unless that’s on brand for your business). Give your candidates the gift of imagination. If they can imagine working with you it will deepen their connection. If you’re not what they’re looking for then they will opt themselves out of the process, saving you time and money. 
  6. You’re special, your brand is unique. Bring that “About Us” section of your website to life, tell your story and peel the curtain to give people a look into the heartbeat of your business. Show don’t tell me. This where you can set the stage for your employee brand and EVP, which can be extremely powerful. 
  7. Attract, pursue, secure. It’s great to use video during the attraction stage but you can really make your process shine by using it throughout the process. Keep candidates updated, set expectations, deepen connection, and increase engagement. 
  8. Video interviews are becoming more common place. Save time and travel by inviting candidates to interview through Zoom/Teams (just make sure they have the right link and they’re all setup).  
  9. Not all video is created equal. It’s not just a matter of hitting record and hoping for the best.  

So how can you get started. 

If video is something you’re looking to explore, Titus Creative can help. Learn more about our video services here.

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