Is Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Strong?

A Plan For Success?

By: Scott Seefeld


But it’s already a candidate market, which means companies everywhere are struggling to attract top performers. If you don’t have a strong talent acquisition strategy in place here are five things we think should be a part of it:

  • Build a strong sales pitch. Does your candidate presentation differentiate you from other employers? Will candidates get a clear understanding what it means to work at your company and be excited about the opportunity to do so? Once you have a strong pitch nailed down, make sure it’s being used by your entire hiring team.
  • Have a “hunting process” to recruit top talent. Only 21 percent of the workplace is actively looking, which is why traditional ‘post and pray’ hiring won’t work in the current hiring environment.  If you only consider those actively job hunting, you’re missing the majority of potential candidates.  LinkedIn searches and industry association networking are two of many ways to search proactively.
  • Know what the generation you’re trying to hire wants. What’s important to those you’re recruiting? Each generation has different hot buttons. To recruit top talent, you have to know what they’re looking for, whether it’s a sense of purpose, greater flexibility, learning opportunities, or other benefits.  Where do these rank in the minds of candidates?
  • Think like a candidate, not like an employer. Candidates are doing their homework to learn all they can about you. What will they find about you on sites such as, where millions of reviews have been posted on over 50,000 companies?  Do your research. Know what your workplace reputation is and take steps to ensure your company ranks high.
  • Know the competition. Who are you competing against for top talent, and what are they offering candidates?  Research salary ranges and other benefits to ensure you’re either at parity or ahead of the competition if you expect to attract top performers.

Benjamin Franklin may never have had to recruit top talent, but his famous advice sure applies here: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” How are you planning to succeed at hiring this year?

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