Need a Culture Shift?

Four tips to move a company in the right direction.

By: Jonathan Reynolds


Years ago, companies stuck by their employees and treated them well because it was their desire to keep trained and qualified individuals in their positions for as long as possible.

As the marketplace expanded, company culture began to decline and employees started to feel overworked, overlooked and undervalued and they left, creating a more fluid employment economy. Today another shift can be seen as social media gives employees a wide variety of outlets to express their frustrations and the veil of secrecy is lifted. A reputation of a poor culture can push away potential new hires, while forcing out existing staff, leaving the company struggling.

Analysis of the Glassdoor database shows that the average employee gives their company a C+ (3.1 out of 5) when asked whether they would recommend their company to a friend (Bersin by Deloitte research with Glassdoor). 

Titus Talent Strategies Succeeds with Company Culture

At Titus Talent Strategies, our culture is a cornerstone for our success and it shows. We are constantly asked by candidates and clients how we created an environment that motivates, inspires and gets noticed for all the right reasons. Recently, I was invited to speak at the LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect Conference in Las Vegas on the topic of Culture and how Titus Talent has built a place of high engagement, productivity and low turnover.  For me, I keep it simple, remember the Golden Rule and make sure your company’s core values are not just words, but LIVED VALUES every day.

There is no magic formula for great company culture. The key is to just treat your staff how you would like to be treated.

Sir Richard Branson 

Company Culture Tips

Here are some of our insights into what makes a successful culture that inspires and attracts top talent. The key to all of these corporate culture tips is remembering that your company is unique so your culture should reflect that. Copying another company’s approach is bound to fail but building your own company culture based on your offerings, values, management and employees will succeed.

  1. Implementation is Difficult

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but a positive company culture does not come with quick-fix solutions. It’s something that needs to be referenced daily, it needs to be ingrained into every aspect of your work environment and it has to be something people can believe in and want to get behind. At Titus Talent, we implement LIVED VALUES – how we are living our company values every day, in and out of work, with our clients and with our co-workers. These values are an accumulation of the words our team use to describe the most positive aspect of how we live. It is these Lived Values that we emphasize every day.

  1. Personal Accountability

Each person in your organization has a realm of influence and just the knowledge that they matter is very powerful. Causing a movement within a company can begin with just one person and catapult them into a position of positive leadership. Positive attitudes travel fast and subculture acceptance drives that train. Having a positive reach across an entire organization relies on the participation of every single person.

  1. Leadership Is Key

While the entire organization is pushing for a positive change, the leadership needs to be behind them and support them while also getting in front and guiding. Top down cultural change needs to be a priority and everyone, especially those in influencing roles, must be on board for it to be successful – forcing change is not a positive experience but encouraging by example has the power to transform.

  1. Culture as Community

One of the huge benefits of pushing the positive culture agenda is that it fosters a sense of community and working together as a team for the greater good. When there is a sense of belonging and ownership the work vibe is good and strong and inspires greatness, innovation and purpose. Greater camaraderie and cooperation create healthy benefits for everyone.

Empower Your Employees – Attract Better Talent

Creating a positive culture with good intentions not only improves the work environment within your doors but extends beyond your company and gets noticed in the marketplace. Empowering your employees to make cultural changes they believe in boosts your employment reputation and job satisfaction and engagement across the board. By shifting your culture to be more positive you’re changing the conversation internally and externally and building a stronger brand presence. In a tight talent market, having that positive culture edge or brand acceptance spills over into other areas and makes people want to be a part of it.

Titus Talent Strategies is a leader in helping to create company cultures that are responsive and gain acceptance quickly. We leverage our experience with the talent market to pinpoint what matters to today’s employees and employers and find common ground that serves as a foundation for success.

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