Outrun your Competition by Implementing these Tips when Recruiting Top Talent

By: Susan Schlink


“Oh, coyote you will never catch that silly road runner, but you can still catch a top candidate.”

In today’s hiring landscape, top candidates have the upper hand because talent is scarce and employers are scrambling to fill open positions.  That’s why is so important for employers to move quickly when interviewing candidates.

Consider this, in some industries, candidates might receive 5-8 calls a week from different recruiters.   Even if the candidate only took 1 of those calls a week, it means a candidate may be looking at 4 different opportunities a month.   Considering the average hiring process can take up to 2 months,  the first company to get through to the candidate is likely the one that has the best chance of success. It also is not uncommon for candidates to have multiple offers to sift through even if the interview process moves swiftly.

If you’re looking for ways to speed up your recruiting efforts to beat your competition, look at these three tips.

  1. Don’t wait 2-3 weeks to setup interviews with candidates. Even though you want manager A, B and C to be available for a phone interview, try to streamline the process because time is not your friend.  Think about this…do all managers really need to be on the initial phone interview?  Can you designate one person to do an initial screening?  This would be especially helpful if you’re working with passive candidates.  Passive candidates can lose excitement quickly so it’s best to strike while the iron is hot!
  2. Once the initial screening is complete, quickly move to the next step within 1-2 weeks. Even if you have need to Skype manager C for the second interview, do it! Keeping the candidate’s interest alive is so important.  Remember this, while you’re hiring team is discussing the complicated logistics of setting up a second interview, the “other companies” are moving and shaking to get this candidate in tomorrow.   Thinking outside of the box about how to speed up the process.
  3. If you’re ready to make an offer, don’t wait! A lot can happen once your top talent has left your office.  Believe it or not, even waiting a day or two may run the risk of the candidate accepting another offer.   Out of sight out of mind!  If you can, present the job offer the same day you meet with the candidate.  If that isn’t possible, send the offer in writing immediately the next day and follow-up with a personal phone call.

Be smarter than Wile E. Coyote.  Even though he didn’t’ catch the Road Runner, you can still catch your ideal candidate following these tips!

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