Personalize Your Healthcare Candidate Experience

By: Kara Otto


It's tough to stand out among the crowd. Here are 3 tips to help!

Healthcare recruitment is tough.

Unemployment is at an all time low and requisitions are at an all time high. In fact, 77% of all healthcare organizations reported major talent shortages (Bullhorn 2016)

During the interview process, how can you as a hiring leader make your candidates feel like a valued member of your team and not just another hire? To separate yourself from the competition and bring in coveted top talent, here are three important rules to follow to personalize your candidate experience.

1. Know your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and Make it Visible

An employee value proposition is the jargon commonly used to describe the characteristics and appeal of working for an organization. If done correctly, it is a quick and easy way for your entire hiring team to speak to a targeted audience and convey the unique culture and employee experience of your health system. Remember, everyone on your team needs to know the EVP – practice and rehearse it so that your internal team is on the same page.

2. Personalize your outreach

Target your outreach specific to the type of candidate you’re after.  This article Improving Candidate Experience gives this excellent piece of advice: “Pay attention to the wording and content of your e-mails. For example, sending an e-mail that says you have personally reached out to them because of their industry background will encourage more responses than just a mass e-mail about a job alert that doesn’t speak to their specialty”. If you’re looking to hire a Cardiology Unit Manager, use search filters to your advantage to narrow down your candidate pool to those with extensive cardiac and management experience, and then send an outreach with wording specific to their impressive background.

3. Humanize the Experience

In a world where technology rules all, remember that you are seeking humans who have a passion for caring for other humans. While technology can make your life easier, do not overlook the importance of the human touch point. Your initial phone call, face-to-face meeting, or WebEx will be how the candidate remembers the culture of your organization – make it count!

In the search for top performers, remember these top three. Taking a little extra effort to set yourself apart during the interview process can lead to great talent rewards in the end.

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