Responding to Negative Reviews Online

By: Mike Kuenzi


Let’s face it, we all have an opinion.

And in the digital world we live in, we want everyone to know our opinion. Think about it, when was the last time you went to a movie, tried a new restaurant, or purchased something online without reading the reviews? Research shows that on-line reviews can make or break a sale.

If a company’s online reputation is so important in customer attraction and retention, wouldn’t this philosophy also hold true in recruiting top talent? You bet!

Given these strong statistics, managing your company’s reputation by responding to negative reviews online is critical to recruiting success.

So how can you make lemonade out of lemons when attracting top talent?

Picture this: You are a business owner and you look at your company reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn. After some research, you find that you have several negative reviews over the last year, and it has brought your overall rating to 3.5 stars. At this point, you are probably wondering a few things.

Who wrote these comments?

What can I do to raise my company rating?

How can I hide this information?

In reality, your energy should be going into creating a response to these negative comments as soon as possible. If someone cuts me off on the road, I’m pretty upset. If they give me an apologetic wave, I’m much more at peace with what just happened. The same goes for negative reviews. People want to know that they are heard, important, and respected. Having a company representative reach out with a resolution, or simply showing empathy, can go miles for your business. People will appreciate that you took initiative and are interested in making things right. Reputation, repeat business, and referrals are all linked to how you respond to complaints and criticism.

Reviews are this century’s word-of-mouth. Picture any social media site as an extension of your marketing and advertising, and you can more deeply understand the importance of your responses. Anyone and everyone can see what you say, so make it count. Take that opportunity to show people the integrity, ingenuity, and character that makes up your company. Best of all, most of these social media tools are totally free, and extremely influential.

Lastly, your company will not grow with the right people, if the right people do not want to join you.

The process of building and enhancing your company reputation starts here.

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