So You Think You’ve Tried Everything To Recruit Top Talent? Think Again.

By: Joel Lalgee


Albert Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Unfortunately, many employers fit this definition when it comes to recruiting. They “post and pray”, hoping  top talent will appear at their door.

After years in recruiting, a common thing that I hear from companies is…. “We’ve tried everything!” Everything is usually posting the job, sending emails, connecting on LinkedIn or hiring a contingent recruiter.

Part of the reason human resource departments are feeling exasperated is because top candidates are facing record level messages from recruiters. I’ve spoken to candidates that claim to receive as many as 6 messages a week. This is due to the incredibly tight job market!

If you’re looking to change up your recruiting strategy and to step away from the traditional “everything”, Here are five unconventional recruiting methods to try:

  1. Send a personalized video message from the hiring manager to express your true interest in connecting. If you really want to wow someone, a short message from the CEO/ President.
  2. A hand-written note, since most messages are conveyed through a screen, a tangible note is becoming more and more rare. The more personal the better.
  3. Sending a gag gift. Know your crowd, if you are looking for a creative role then this could be perfect…a pair of socks, with the message “Work with us, we’ll blow your socks off”.
  4. The “future resume”. Create a resume for your candidate that highlights their key accomplishments a few years down the road. What a great way to help them see their future at your organization.
  5. Find events your perfect candidate may be attending and schedule to “run into them”. An impromptu meeting may be just what the doctor ordered.

Just remember that a little bit of time and thought is needed for any of these approaches. However, a little time may lead to a big hiring payoff in the end.

If you’d like to more more unconventional ways to recruit top talent, connect with us.  There’s a reason our tagline is “Different by Design“.



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