Stuffing Your Candidate Pipeline this Holiday Season

By: Susan Schlink


November, the beginning of the holiday season and a signal that the end of the year is approaching. Now is the time when people sometimes get the “new year, new me” itch. They think about starting fresh with a new job in the new yearWhat could be more exciting, especially in this candidate-driven market where prospective employees know what they want from an employer and aren’t afraid to get it? 

The end of the year also means that many companies go on a hiring freeze, thinking January will be a great time to start hiring again. You know, take a break for the holidays and then jump back into things. While that thought process may seem like it makes sense, you need to make sure your candidate pipeline is full of people to reach out to, or you won’t get very far very fast with hiring in 2022. 

As the year is coming to a close, many candidates are waiting for bonuses and will not make a move until they are paid – which supports the idea of taking a pause in the hiring department. However, what we have seen in 2021 is that quality candidates are very scarce. There are so many openings and not enough people to fill them (more on the “Great Resignation” here). What then should you do? It’s time to stuff your candidate pipeline to have a plethora of options to choose from when hiring in the new year. 

1. Build a “Future” List 

While doing all your searches, it is important you incorporate a “future” list of candidatesThese future candidates are those you have touched base with, but either it’s not the right time for them to make a move or maybe it’s not quite the right role. When you work with us at Titus Talent, you own all the data and candidates we provide. We will create this future tab for you so you can always have a robust pipeline.  

2. Leverage Referrals  

Another way to keep your pipeline full is to make sure to always ask for referrals. We often reach out to people with roles that are potentially above the person’s responsibility knowing they may have a great referral for us. People love to help other people, as it’s in our nature as human beings to want to help. You can also start an employee referral program within your organization. If you offer a little bonus, happy employees will love to refer their friends and family to work there.  

3. Build Your Network 

Get in touch with schools and professional associations who can connect you with more job seekers. These places can host job fairs, info sessions, and other activities for you to speak with potential candidates all at once. Also, schools and associations have their own staff members that are eager to work with your company again. 

In closing, it is also important once you establish your pipeline to keep it warm. The best bet is to email or text these candidates at least monthly to check in to see how they are doing on their job search and if the interest is still there. If you have some candidates that are actively looking to make a move but maybe this role wasn’t a good fit, you would want to reach out at least twice a month to let them know you’re still interested in them joining your team down the road. 

If you want to learn more ways to build your pipeline of candidates, we’d love to talk. Hit the button below to connect with a member of our team! 

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