The Art of Storytelling to Attract Top Talent

By: Matt Gainsford


With unemployment sitting at record lows, companies are finding it harder and harder to attract top talent.  In addition, add employee power, the power of choice.  Candidates have many options and are placing high importance on finding jobs that align with their values.

Candidates need buy in; they need to be written into a story; they need to get behind a company who has values that align with theirs.

How do you go about winning over a candidate to your company; what are you doing to make yourself attractive to potential employees; are you helping candidates see how they fit into your company’s story?

Why is story so important?

Story: a narrative of either factual or fictional detail that is designed to communicate with its reader/listener; designed to intrigue, enlighten, envelope, inspire, teach, persuade, relate, entertain, empathize, encourage; in short to feel and to engage.

I was there on the mountains of Mordor with Frodo. I’ve known what it’s like to face my Goliaths and prevail. I’ve mourned the loss of Mufasa and felt the sting of unjust loss. I’ve driven through the streets like James Bond…(safely)

A good story entertains, a great story connects.

A story breathes life into a situation; it transforms a description into something that’s alive.

Let’s apply this to the recruitment process.  The difference between a job description and job story is as polarizing as night and day; a job description describes, it explains what you want and what a person will do for you.

An Employee Value Proposition or Employee Story highlights who you are, what you are offering the candidate; it is the WHY.

Look at the example below, how does it make you feel?

Techfire Computers is looking for an IT Director with 10 years of experience in project management, a strong background leading teams of engineers, and a proven ability to hit/exceed targets, to develop our nonprofit IT offering. OTE Inc. bonuses, 160k. Company car and full benefits included.


Techfire Computers is looking to increase our service to the nonprofit community. We believe that nonprofits should have the best access to IT support for their infrastructure. IT departments are the unsung heroes of the nonprofit world and we have a unique opportunity for a vision casting IT Director to work alongside our dedicated team of high impact individuals who affect change for thousands every day.

It’s the why vs the what; the who vs the how.

At Titus Talent, we see the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as one of our greatest tools to draw top candidates into a conversation about our partners; to tell your story in a way that is as compelling and meaningful as it is engaging and intriguing, and then keep the candidates engaged as we explore your opportunity with them.

What does this mean for our Partners?

It means we take the time to understand the WHY and the WHO of our clients.

  1. Where did the company come from?
  2. Where is the company going?
  3. What does the company value?
  4. What sets the company apart?
  5. Why would a candidate choose you?

A good EVP is like a movie trailer or the back cover of a compelling novel. It shares enough to intrigue; it develops a sense of desire and allows the candidate to begin the dream.

If you’d like to explore how to write your story to top talent, we’d love to hear from you. Turn the page and head on over to and let’s talk.

A good story is an essential place to start, we’d love to help you write it.

Titus Talent Strategies.  Let’s start a conversation.


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