Three Things Your Talent Partner Must Have in a Candidate Driven Market

By: Joe Chirumbolo


Finding and hiring top talent is tough under any market conditions, but it is even more difficult when top talent is scarce and the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in almost two decades.  Many companies are relying on third party firms to attract top talent and fill some of the lingering vacancies that are causing so much stress among entire organizations.

So, the question is: How do you choose the right firm that will deliver the talent you desperately need?  Below are three critical areas to consider when vetting recruiting firms to become your talent partner.

  1. Passive Candidate Recruiting Strategy – This one might sound obvious, but not every recruiter possesses the boldness and persistent nature to be a great passive candidate recruiter. Simply put, passive candidates are not looking for new jobs, so enticing these top performers to look at your opportunity takes great skill and persistence.  How does a company find out if their potential Talent Partner has a strong passive candidate recruiting process?  Ask a lot of questions during the vetting process.  Explore in detail the recruiting company’s overall strategy and philosophy and how they target passive candidates and key employees from competing companies.
  2. Strong Candidate Marketing – While a strong passive candidate recruiting strategy is essential in a candidate driven market, it will only open the door to a conversation. Companies seeking top talent need to position their vacancies as career growth opportunities for potential suitors.  The right Talent Partner will assist in developing an elevator pitch not only for the job, but for the company.  It is vital to choose a firm that will take the time on the front end of the search to learn about the company and role and create and use a strong Employee Value Proposition or EVP to entice top talent.
  3. Industry Specific Recruiting – This one is a bit of a wild card because there are recruiters out there that are extremely skilled at building relationships and can fill a lot of positions. However, there are certain industries that may require a higher level of expertise from their recruiting partner in order to have educated conversations with potential candidates.  For example, in the Engineering, Technology, and Construction worlds, there is industry specific knowledge that even the most charismatic of recruiters can’t navigate without some industry experience.  Choose a firm that may have expertise in your industry.  Find out what other Partners they work with in the same industry.  Ask them to provide client reference letters, written testimonials, and/or video testimonials.

If you are interested in learning more about passive candidate recruiting strategies and how to best position your company and job openings in the market, please visit Titus Talent Strategies.

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