Three Ways to Harvest the Next Crop of Top Talent!

By: Joel Lalgee


Farming is one of the most important industries in the world.  Even though only 2% of the U.S population are farmers, all of us would be cold, naked and hungry without these hard-working individuals

Farming requires long hours, routine, patience, big equipment and lots of hard work. Harvesting a healthy crop and losing a crop can be a fine balance, if something doesn’t go the right way it can mean the difference between feast and famine.

Recruiting and farming may have more in common than you may have ever considered.  Recruiting can be time consuming, requires great patience and perseverance, and if you don’t have the right balance, things can go south quickly.

Here are three things to do to make sure your candidate crop is healthy for harvesting.

  1. Sowing the right seeds. In recruiting, your messaging along with your strong EVP acts as little seeds being sowed, ready to produce high quality candidates. Sending the right messages and following up regularly with high-quality passive candidates over a period of months can generate great interest and ultimately the right fills.
  2. Producing the right environment to foster growth. Just like in farming where watering is critical to seed growth, you also need to water or consistently “nurture” your candidate pipeline. It’s not enough to plant a seed and walk away… candidates are bombarded with messages daily, so having multiple touchpoints with the right messaging is so important for success.
  3. Be Patient – Ask any farmer, a great harvest doesn’t happen over-night. There are factors that are out of your control, people like the weather can be unpredictable.  Great patience is needed to truly find quality passive candidates. To make a right hire it can take time.

So, don’t be discouraged looking for top talent.  If you want a great harvest of top candidates, remember these three steps and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.


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