Top 3 Reasons to Pipeline Top Talent in the Construction Industry (Part One)

By: Joel Lalgee


According to a recent study, the plague of finding qualified candidates in the construction industry isn’t going away any time soon.   If your organization is only as good as its people, how are you going to ensure that you have top performing employees at your fingertips to fill your open positions?

The answer is pipelining.  Just like a building, you need a solid foundation in your recruiting strategy if you are going to build a successful and profitable company. The most effective way to not get stuck with a lack of talent and having to turn down work is to proactively pipeline talent even when there isn’t an imminent need.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should start pipelining top talent today:

  • Shorten time to fill. Many candidates will not make a move to another organization right away.  Pipelining allows you to communicate with top targets on a continuous basis—warming up key candidates to eventually make the move to your organization.  If top talent in your market already knows a lot about your company, they will be much more comfortable making a move.
  • Creates consultants vs. order takers. To pipeline top talent effectively, you need to take a consultative approach when communicating.  Top talent needs to see the move to your organization not as a job move, but as a true career opportunity. It’s not just about compensation for these top performers, but more about job stretch, job growth, job satisfaction and job impact.  To master this approach, your recruiting team needs to be consultants and sell the candidates on your opportunity by illustrating the benefits of the company, team and role. This is also known as the ‘EVP’, employee value proposition.  In addition, you need to understand the candidate—what would be the key reasons they would want to come work for your organization?
  • Protects against competitors. Let’s face it, top talent is getting multiple phone calls, emails and LinkedIn messages daily trying to woo them over to a particular organization.  By creating an active pipeline, it’s imperative to communicate with these top performers consistently about your organization.  Creating a strong employer brand in the marketplace will not only attract the cream of the crop, but will keep your competition at bay.

Stay tuned for Part Two of the Pipelining blog series:  Key Ways to Pipeline Effectively

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