Women’s History Month Highlight: Sarah Burke

By: Titus Talent Strategies & Sarah Burke


Women’s History Month Highlight: Sarah Burke

Happy Women’s History Month! Every year, March is designated to honor women’s contributions to American history throughout the years. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing stories of our Titus teammates who are promoting excellence in our operations and inspiring other women to follow in their steps.

Today we are highlighting a Consultant on our Operations team, Sarah Burke. Sarah was born and raised in Genesee County, Michigan and she has been heavily involved in helping with the Flint Water Crisis and several other causes and organizations over the years. She has been instrumental in raising money and collecting canned goods, and supplies for the local soup kitchen and animal shelter. She is a role model for her community and all of us here at Titus. Check out what Sarah has to say about Women’s History Month below.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

Women are absolutely incredible. There are so many things that we can do and want to do for our friends, families, and communities. We play so many roles in today’s society. We are the caregivers and mothers, planners and schedulers, friends, daughters, wives, and leaders and coworkers.

We bring new life into this world and that alone is incredible. We are successful both in our homes and in our careers. Women’s History Month to me is about women who pave the way for future generations. Both women in the past and in the present who are still paving the way.

What can women like you do to embrace equity and empower the next generation of women in the workplace? 

I think just constantly lifting each other up and celebrating each other’s wins is extremely powerful. Many women have the capability but not the confidence, we need to restore that confidence in each other. I also believe that sharing our stories is very important. Many think they are alone in their situation, but little did they know that others have been through similar challenges. Sharing personal struggles with other women can help restore confidence and help other women not to feel alone.

Who are the most influential women in your personal life? 

My mom and my sister are both my best friends. We can tell each other everything and I know I can get a helping hand, advice, consoling, encouragement, support, and celebration at any given moment. My mom has always been very hard-working. She worked on the line for GM for 37 years to help support our family. She was a part of the union, and she has always stood up for what she believed in. She was involved in many strikes to support workers’ rights. She has always taught me to stand up for myself. My sister has always paved the way for me growing up. She was into sports, always got good grades, and had a great group of friends. I always looked up to her and wanted to be as successful as her in everything that I did. She works hard for everything that she has and that has always been inspiring to me.

What female public figure, past or present, inspires you and why? 

Serena Williams has always been inspiring to me. Not only is she one of the most successful female athletes, but she also encourages body positivity for women. She teaches all of us to fight for equality and that women are powerful.

What piece of advice would you give to women finding their way in the workplace/leadership role? 

My advice would be to work hard, study and practice the things that you are passionate about. If you have knowledge of your subject matter, then this helps to grow your confidence. If you work hard and be patient, good things will come to you. Also, never be afraid to ask questions to gain further understanding. Be outspoken and confident in your abilities.

At Titus Talent Strategies, we are surrounded by an incredible team of powerful women. Stay tuned throughout the month for more highlights of our Titus women.


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