You’ve responded. Now what? Reimagine and rebound with the right people strategy.

By: Beth Hamstra


A crisis like the recent global pandemic can put a lot of companies and their people into a tailspin. But great leaders quickly figure out how to rise above a crisis, immediately instilling trust and confidence in their people.

Smart companies rise above any crisis using three steps: Respond, Reimagine, and Rebound.

In the last month, companies have responded to the crisis with their people strategy. They may have shut down operations and furloughed employees. They may have eliminated certain hours of operations and reduced employee workweeks. Or they could have also increased production and hired new hourly employees to keep up with higher demand. Responding, whether it’s good or bad, is the first part of the process.

Now it’s time to Reimagine.

According to Websters Dictionary, reimagine means to form a new conception or recreate. In this phase, there may be many opportunities from a people perspective that present themselves to you. Ask yourself two questions. What are the most important aspects of our company’s people strategy?  What areas should I give my attention to during this critical time? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Employee engagement and retention (culture)
  • Performance efficiencies
  • Leadership development
  • Vision
  • Rewards and recognitions
  • Coaching and career pathing
  • Talent acquisition and onboarding
  • Team structure

To emerge from a crisis successfully, leaders must identify one to two main areas of their people strategy to focus their time and energy. Being laser-focused will allow you to get the most bang for your buck and will also help you successfully navigate the rebound phase.

Rebounding is where the rubber meets the road. If you have appropriately responded, and also reimagined by looking at opportunities in your people strategy, then rebounding well can be achieved.

If you’re uncertain which people initiatives will help your company rebound most effectively, we’d love you to take the Titus Talent Optimization Survey. This survey will help you identify the areas of your people strategy that present the most opportunities for growth. It only takes 5 minutes!

Once you have completed the survey, a Titus Talent Director will reach out to you to walk you through your results.  What you might find may surprise you.

Respond. Reimagine. Rebound.

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