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Let’s be real. In most organizations, performance reviews are little more than a once a year attempt at checking in with employees to ensure they’re at least on the right track. For us, that just didn’t work.

That’s why we created our Etho software and process which equips companies to use a data-driven approach to management, giving an in-depth look at each employee’s alignment and performance.


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If you’re looking for a personalized deep-dive into Etho, we would be happy to conduct a private session for your organization. We’d welcome your team to join us at our Training Center in Milwaukee, WI or we would be happy to have our Certified Trainer(s) come to you!

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Evidence shows that consistent feedback (both constructive and celebratory) increases engagement and performance, but that requires a foundation of a well-trained and equipped manager and job alignment.

Are your managers equipped and prepared to effectively manage, coach, and develop their teams? And how do you know if your current team of people are truly aligned to their roles – “the right people in the right seats”? Our people thrive when there’s an open line of communication with managers and when they can clearly know what is expected of them, where they stand, and where they’re going.

Our Etho platform and methodology delivers a clear path for coaching each employee in their role by regularly evaluating their skills, values, behaviors, and performance in a data-driven manner. It allows you to take a high-level look at your accountability chart, seeing where each employee stands, and then zooms in to shed light on key components of each individual.

By Joining our Workshop, You’ll be Equipped to

  • Align your hiring and management processes to business objectives to drive performance and engagement
  • Maximize onboarding to prevent 33% employee turnover in the first 180 days.
  • Utilize 3 simple building blocks of coaching that will increase the effectiveness of your managers
  • More objectively evaluate the performance, job alignment, and engagement of your people to accurately and effectively make data-driven decisions

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