Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For Your Culture, Engagement, & Hiring

The impact of a diverse and equitable workplace on your organization’s culture and success is undeniable.

But how do we implement long-term, sustainable solutions to continue on our journey with diversity in the workplace?

Session 1: How to Jump Start a Sustainable Culture of Inclusion

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Beth Ridley, Founder and CEO of The Brimful Life, tackles how to begin having the tough and sometimes awkward conversations that are necessary to get your company’s culture to where you want it to be. You’ll walk away with practical resources and a renewed sense of inspiration to begin your journey right where you are.

Session 2: Lead Like a Human: Fostering Engagement Through Diversity & Inclusion

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Adam WeberCo-Founder and Chief People Officer at Emplify, and Khambula MsiskaController at Emplify, share the compelling and potentially surprising data around diversity and engagement. Plus, they get practical with strategies to implement in your organization today.

Session 3: Removing Subjectivity & Bias in Your Hiring Process

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Sierra Fletcher and Mike Kuenzi of Titus Talent share proven best-practices for increasing objectivity and compliance to meet your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals through your hiring process.


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