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Our proven process can guarantee your performance.

When it comes to hiring, we love day 365. The success of our process is proven not on day one, but after one year. What has the hired candidate done, accomplished or achieved that would make you consider them a top performer? We focus on delivering only top performers who are guaranteed to meet your department’s goals and objectives.

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"Titus Talent Strategies has truly become our most valued resource for strategic recruiting. Whether it’s entry-level or executive-level roles, they have proven an unmatched ability to deliver consistent results."
DerseVP Experiential Marketing

Develop a plan for attracting top talent that reduces frustration and pressure of hiring for both quality and quantity.

Get results for your department. As a flexible extension of your team, we’re here to provide weekly status reports to keep everyone on track.

Build for the future by creating a strong candidate pipeline. Finding proven top performers should get easier with time if we build from the beginning.

With our unique business model, our focus is your goals and objectives, not just the fill and a commission paycheck.

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