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Different by Design

Passionate People, Proven Process, Unparalleled Performance…Guaranteed.

Titus Talent was born out of frustration with traditional recruiting. The process was broken and needed fixing.  From charging clients a percentage of first year salary to focusing on candidates before clients, our CEO knew this way of doing business didn’t produce the right results or create lasting partnerships.

Why We’re Different by Design

People – Our people are consultants, not order takers. That’s why we are committed to recruiting, rewarding, and promoting the best people who match our vision and values.  And because high-performance is at our core, our entire team of consultants are certified in Performance-based Hiring – the only validated recruiting process that integrates sourcing, screening, interviewing and recruiting.

Process – The Titus process is built upon proven best practices, but with the flexibility to customize to your business needs. We promise that we’ll always sit on your side of the table, see things from your perspective and put your company before candidates.

PerformanceWhen it comes to hiring and building high performing teams, we get it! Being a performance-driven company, we know that it’s not about day 1 of someone’s employment, but about day 365.  Our unique recruiting process is the only one in the country that defines a new hire’s success by measuring whether they accomplish what they were hired to do.

If you care more about your marketing, financials, systems, quality or products than your people, then I question the sustainability of your organization. If you focus on building the best company culture, everything else just works and you and your customers will be sure to win!"
Jonathan Reynolds, CEOTitus Talent Strategies

Culture is set primarily by the way your company’s leaders act. What do the leaders of your company want the culture to look like? What are the values by which decisions are made? Once set, these cultural values must flow through the entire organization

For us, the foundation of our culture is in the prioritization of our values. It’s our people, our partners, and then our profits – in that order! We have chosen to prioritize our team over our partners and profits. By doing this, we believe that our team will be committed to “wowing” our partners from every angle and therefore ensuring that we have an ever growing and profitable organization.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients."
Sir Richard BransonThe Virgin Group

We put employees first with the belief that hiring, training and rewarding the best people who match vision and values is the way to build.

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