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Generosity is Titus Talent Culture

Our mission is that our outstanding PEOPLE, will WOW our PARTNERS, which in-turn bring healthy PROFITS to invest in our people and our global community. Our people, then our partners and then profits is the order in which we make our decisions.

Each year we bring the whole company together for a few days to celebrate the progress we’ve made, strengthen our relationships, and plan for the future together. We are always equipped, envisioned, and have a really good time! We call these gatherings “Progress.”

In 2018, Progress focused on our PEOPLE. We brought speakers in who focused on enhancing the personal lives of our People. In 2019, Progress focused on our PARTNERS. We called it ‘Life by Titus’ and allowed our team to follow the Partner journey and look at ways to make it better so that we could WOW our Partners at every touch point.

Progress 2020 theme focused on how we invest our PROFITS to better the world around us. We’ve been very blessed with healthy profits (thank you to our team and Partners)!

We were excited to take this journey together, roll up our sleeves and serve, and make a huge impact in the lives of others. We flew the company down to the Baja peninsula of Mexico where we spent a long weekend building houses for those in extreme need. These families with children, were earning less than $100/week, and were living in a shack smaller than some of our bathrooms.

The trip was not only life changing and bonding for our teams, but it completely transformed the lives of 3 families – and we won’t stop there.

With our 30-by-30 dream, we aim to give $30M by 2030 back into our people, communities and the world. This is only made possible with our Partners, so thank you for choosing to Partner with Titus. We’re better together.



For us, the foundation of our culture is in the prioritization of our values. It’s our people, our partners, and then our profits – in that order! We have chosen to prioritize our team over our partners and profits. By doing this, we believe that our team will be committed to “wowing” our partners from every angle and therefore ensuring that we have an ever growing and profitable organization.

""Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients."
Sir Richard BransonThe Virgin Group

We put employees first with the belief that hiring, training and envisioning the best people who match vision and values is the way to build.

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