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Hiring in the architecture and design field has its unique set of requirements. Whether you have just started looking to hire an architectural professional, or you have been searching for a while, you know how hard it can be to find the right fit for your team. 

In a tight candidate market where demand for top talent continues to rise, we offer a creative and customizable approach designed to get you connected with the top architects  in the industry. 

Our Whole Person Hiring methodology ensures that your organization engages, attracts, and can successfully hire the professional architects and designers you need to grow and flourish. 

3 Things That Separate Titus From Other Architecture and design Recruiters

A group of Architecture and Design recruiters

Whole Person Hiring Process:

Our Hire 4 Performance®process removes the guesswork of any search by looking at a candidates' skills, values, cultural fit, and potential, or as we like to call it, their Head, Heart, and Briefcase.

Quality of Hire Guarantee:

We back our searches with an above-industry-standard guarantee that underscores our confidence in delivering candidates who are committed to long-term success in their roles.

More Than Recruiters:

We work as an extension of your team as talent acquisition and optimization consultants, to provide invaluable insights and strategies that drive success and leave a lasting impact.

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Titus Talent Strategies is a high-performance and value-driven recruitment agency in the architecture space with a commitment to creating strong culture alignment. 

We have dedicated recruiters, specialized within the architecture and design industry, who can put together a strategy to give you a competitive edge with today's top talent.  Connect with us to get started.

A group of Architecture and Design recruiters


One of the key differentiators we see with successful placements we’ve gained through Titus Talent is their attention to learning about and then sharing our culture and values accurately with candidates.

Bob Norman, Human Resources Director, Eppstein Uhen Architects

Titus Talents' low-pressure, straightforward approach to reaching out to talent appears to be a difference maker. We've had more than one candidate mention how their approach made them more comfortable becoming open to change.

TJ Morley, EUA | Architecture, Engineering + Design


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Hiring: Science or Art

Finding the right people requires a creative approach. Yes, there’s a process, and yes quality is a focus but if you want to connect with top talent in Architecture and Design combining art with analytics will set you up for hiring success.


Hiring Game Changers in Construction and Architecture 

In the construction and architecture space, there's no question about it. There's a gap coming, and for some roles, it’s already here. Many current top employees will be retiring over the next several years, but finding the next wave of industry leaders may involve something not many are considering. Check out Architecture and Construction expert Sierra's take on where to look for top talent! 

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