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Hiring in the biotech and pharmaceutical space requires more than a “one size fits all" approach. Our team of biotech and pharmaceutical recruitment experts are equipped with hiring strategies that are designed to help you find and hire the right people. 

In an increasingly competitive market, our Whole Person Hiring method offers an efficient, repeatable yet customizable process that will support you in finding, attracting, and hiring highly skilled candidates who share your vision, and who will be committed to your cause. Get in touch with us today to get started.

3 Things That Separate Titus From Other Biotech and Pharmaceutical Recruiters

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Whole Person Hiring Process:

Our Hire 4 Performance® process removes the guesswork of any search by looking at a candidates' skills, values, cultural fit, and potential, or as we like to call it, their Head, Heart, and Briefcase.

Quality of Hire Guarantee:

We back our searches with an above-industry-standard guarantee that underscores our confidence in delivering candidates who are committed to long-term success in their roles.

More Than Recruiters:

We work as an extension of your team as talent acquisition and optimization consultants, to provide invaluable insights and strategies that drive success and leave a lasting impact.

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5 Keys to Recruit and Retain Top Performers in Biotechnology 

Here are our 5 keys to ensuring success when recruiting in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical space. If you want to keep your best people, then this resource is also for you.

The Principles of Separating Your Organization From the Competition

Each industry is unique, from Behavioral Health to Construction, Marketing to Biotech and Pharma. Separating your organization from your competitors means you need to be able to communicate your brand, vision, and value to the right audience. Here are the principles that transcend industry while ensuring you retain your individuality. 

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of our partners are the best in their field — top healthcare organizations trust us with their talent acquisition.


saved in fees for our partners last year compared to traditional contingent recruiting. 


of the candidate information is owned by our partners for each search in order to build a robust candidate pipeline for their organization.


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