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Decoding The Whole Person

At Titus Talent, we look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart and The Briefcase for hiring success. We know that looking at all three components gives our Partners the absolute confidence that they’re getting the right fit for their organization every time.

We guarantee it!

How Do We Do It?

Using our Hire 4 Performance process along with key scientific data points generated from The Predictive Index, we get a 360-degree view into your candidate:

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Behavioral Attributes and Cognitive Ability

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Value-Alignment, Motivators, Interests

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Professional Achievement Profile

Why Do We Do It?

When hiring, most companies fail to consider all three components (Head, Heart, Briefcase). We’ve proven through our process that evaluating all three not only gets you the right hire, but also provides valuable information to help engage, retain and develop your people.

Want To Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our process join one of our upcoming webinars by clicking below.

Hear From Our Team

Listen to our team members to hear why hiring with the Head, Heart and Briefcase is so important for hiring success.