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At Titus, we're passionate about People. Not only do we care about putting the Right People in the Right Seats, but we want them to thrive in that seat - and we want to help you make that happen.

Your Hiring Solution: The Right Seats, Right People Difference

Our nationwide team of consultants are experts in identifying, pursuing, and ultimately providing our Partners with top talent. Our methods are unlike traditional recruiting models in that not only do we sit on our Partner’s side of the table, we also fully vet our candidates before submitting them using our proprietary Hire 4 Performance process, which is all about putting the Right People in the Right Seats.

Hire 4 Performance is our method of looking at what we call the Whole Person (Head, Heart, and Briefcase) to uncover what makes them tick, what their professional skills and expertise are, and how well they align to your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Through this proven process, we are able to consult our Partners to ensure they put the Right People in the Right Seats.

Not only do our consultants implement this as we search for the right candidate for your open role, we also train and equip others to do the same. 

Check out this webinar to learn more about our Hire 4 Performance, Whole Person approach that enables us to guarantee the quality of every candidate we submit with our Quality of Hire Scorecard.

Your People Solution: Talent Optimization & The Predictive Index

Our Talent Optimization Division is skilled in helping our Partners get the best out of their People, both pre- and post-hire, in order to meet their business objectives. Do you know your organization’s strengths and opportunities for change? Do you have the culture and business results you want? If not, our Talent Optimization consultants are here to help and partner with you to identify what is and is not working, in order to make the changes you want to see.

Our consultants can help you identify and define your company’s “why” – your mission, vision, and values – and what makes you unique compared to your competition. In addition to that, our team can help you bring clarity to your job descriptions and performance expectations for current employees, as well as defining career paths to keep those top performers motivated and engaged.

The Predictive Index is one of the many tools we use to spotlight the strengths and gaps in your team. As Certified Partners of The Predictive Index, our consultants will help you identify the right person for your open role and equip you with the tools you need to manage them to their fullest potential.

Learn more about The Predictive Index in this video!

Your Management Solution: Turn Managers into Coaches & Teammates into Top Performers

Once you have the Right Person in the Right Seat, you’ll want to manage them in a way that brings out their best. That’s where Etho comes in. It’s one platform with a full suite of tools to develop team engagement, promote performance, and exceed expectations. Creating a highly engaged, high performing team starts with the right tool – a tool that puts People First and drives peak performance. That tool is Etho.

 We’re passionate about empowering your leaders to nail their business objectives and equipping your people to win together. That’s why we also offer training and consulting services around our approach to management that revolutionizes workforces.

Come see the Etho difference and what this simple tool can do for you by checking out this video.

We put employees first with the belief that hiring, training and rewarding the best people who match vision and values is the way to build.

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