Vice President of Sales 

Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, Titus Talent VP of Sales

Ben is a strategic, innovative, and performance-driven leader with over 15 years of experience in sales and recruiting. He seamlessly translates his passion for leadership, competition, and performance into transformative sales strategies. 

As a sports enthusiast, athlete, and former collegiate football coach, he loves being in the team building space, and here at Titus, he gets to be front and center with our partners on key portions of their people growth. 

Ben helps businesses of all sizes – from Fortune 100 corporations to local enterprises with his visionary outlook and strategic thinking. 

As VP of Sales, Ben aligns partners with our operations teams to execute specific hiring or consulting projects, and he acts as a strategic coach when it comes to important questions or challenges they face.

“After 10 years as a college football coach and 10 years in the talent strategy space, I have a unique mix of professional and team experience to share best practices with our partners.”

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