Vice President of Talent Optimization  

Mike Kuenzi

Mike Kuenzi

As one of Titus’ first employees, Mike has had the opportunity to grow with Titus, wearing many hats and taking on responsibilities in all facets of the organization.

Today, Mike is an innovative people leader who is passionate about knowledge transfer, and enhancing organizations in the areas of talent strategy & leadership development.

Mike works with management teams to establish measurable and quantifiable objectives within each seat, he educates leaders on how to coach around skills, values, and behaviors that would make an individual successful within the role, and last but certainly not least, he partners with clients to help them build the highest performing teams possible

Mike shaped our evolution into becoming a certified partner of The Predictive Index®, and now uses his expertise in behavioral and cognitive analysis to lead the Titus Talent Optimization Division.

With expertise that spans psychometric assessment analysis, education, talent acquisition, and team development, Mike is equipped to ​​empower organizations to successfully measure, coach, and retain top performers.

“I wake up each day thankful for the opportunity I have to lead, develop, and serve people. Titus Talent Strategies allows me to use my diverse skillset to positively impact our people and partners.”

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