Senior Director of People & Learning  

Raina Fryer

Raina Fryer, Senior Director of People & Learning

As our Senior Director of People & Learning, Raina leads the charge in cultivating exceptional talent and fostering cultures of continuous growth. She not only seeks out talent but also fosters an environment that encourages continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Coaching and developing others to “do more and be more” with their unique-abilities is her true passion, as is helping organizations thrive through development and execution of operational strategy tied to their people component.

Since joining the team, Titus has doubled in size, and Raina has played an integral role in growing our people and partners. Her inclusive practices and data-driven decision making have greatly contributed to Titus’ growth, innovation, and overall success in building highly engaged, high performing teams.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table including 20 years of talent planning and strategy, engagement, retention, quality of hire, and training expertise.

While primarily focused inward, Raina also acts as a consultant for our partners related to their own unique challenges. She gets to work cross-functionally and provide unique insights on specific challenges.

“I am on a mission to help people do more and be more through talent optimization strategies and helping to place people in the right organizations where they can develop within their own stream of excellence.”

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