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Helping You Engage, Hire, and Retain Top Non-profit Talent

Our team of compassionate, empathetic, and strategic non-profit recruitment consultants are well placed to support your hiring needs.  

Generosity, vision, and impact are inherent to the values we hold at Titus Talent Strategies, and we understand that hiring in the non-profit space requires a deeper and more meaningful approach. 

Our Whole Person Hiring approach engages, attracts, and supports hiring candidates who possess the skills, accomplishments, and shared values needed to help your non-profit team flourish and grow. 

3 Things That Separate Titus From Other Non-profit Recruiters


Whole Person Hiring Process:

Our Hire 4 Performance process removes the guesswork of any search by looking at a candidates' skills, values, cultural fit, and potential, or as we like to call it, their Head, Heart, and Briefcase.


Quality of Hire Guarantee:

We back our searches with an above-industry-standard guarantee that underscores our confidence in delivering candidates who are committed to long-term success in their roles.


More Than Recruiters:

We work as an extension of your team as talent acquisition and optimization consultants, to provide invaluable insights and strategies that drive success and leave a lasting impact.


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Learn more about our non-profit recruiting strategies in our resources. 

Titus Exists for Generosity

Generosity is central to our core values at Titus Talent. From our humble beginnings as an industry disrupting start-up to where we are today, a 200+ person company, Titus exists for generosity. Learn more about our 30x30 vision and our Give Global Titus Catalyst Fund.

The Catalyst Chronicles

Hiring with culture in mind is central to how we have grown, and the impact our people have had on their communities, and beyond.  

This mindset is woven into how we serve our Non-Profit Partners.

Homes of Hope

For the last three years, we have had the privilege of giving our people and partners the opportunity to travel to Ensenada, Mexico to build houses with Homes of Hope. These trips have been impactful, meaningful, and life changing for all involved.


Titus' Approach To Recruiting For Non-Profit Organizations

  • We saved our Partners $3.5 million dollars in fees last year compared to traditional contingent recruiting methods.
  • 100% of our non-profit Partners can create a customizable recruiting program with Titus Talent to meet their needs.  
  • We have served non-profit Partners and helped serve missions in 10 countries and counting. 

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