Handling Negative Feedback and Restoring Reputation

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If somewhere has one hundred 5-star reviews and five 1-star reviews, are you skeptical or do you dive headfirst into catastrophizing?   Sure there are all these great reviews but the 1 star is the powerful star, the star that pulls the rug out of everything good and sends your business, product, or service crashing down…

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To ATS or Not to ATS

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There are also some potential drawbacks to consider before investing in an ATS.  In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of ATS’s, and help you decide if one is right for your organization. At the end of this blog, we’re going to share a secret about some major changes that are…

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Why Recruiting in Rural Areas is More Important Than Ever

For some companies, especially those in industrial, manufacturing, or logistics-based spheres, work-from-home opportunities remain an impossibility (putting a CnC machine in your home is impractical at best).   For these companies, remote often means rural, and hiring for these types of remote roles can be challenging (but also surprisingly attractive to certain candidates). Rural communities, once perceived…

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6 Spine Chilling Recruitment Stats 

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Like any horror story, the world of hiring can be filled with chilling surprises.   As hiring managers and HR leaders, it’s essential to be aware of the spine-tingling stats that could haunt your organization if you neglect your recruitment strategies. Let’s take a terrifying tour through the haunted house of hiring and uncover these eerie…

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Lifesaving Lessons in Healthcare Recruitment

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CPR. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.  CPR is conducted in the severest of emergencies where it is determined that an individual’s life is in danger if immediate action is not taken to attempt to restart their heart.   It’s something we’ve all witnessed on TV or in movies and, heaven forbid—for some of us—in real life.  CPR. Compressions. Pulse…

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The Power of Courageous Candor

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The worst thing you can do to someone is to tell them what they want to hear. There’s a big difference between being winsome and engaging the Dale Carnegie philosophy of not correcting someone to maintain the relationship vs. agreeing with someone from a place of fear or holding back on sharing a difficult truth…

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Anecdotes, Assumptions, and Poor Hiring Decisions

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Every week, I (Bethany Whitted) sit on at least 20 calls with recruiting teams from a spectrum of industries. We discuss the pros and cons of candidates. Often, decisions are made on those calls about how the candidates rank amongst each other and which candidates should be discarded. I want to shed some light on…

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