ABCs of Health Care Recruitment

By: Cassidy Burmeister


ABCs of Healthcare Recruiting

If you often find yourself working with healthcare professionals, you may be familiar and perhaps well-versed with the secret code they all speak. You know… the ABCs.

Not the ABCs we learned in pre-school, but the medical knowledge foundation: 

Airway – Breathing – Circulation.  

As children, the ABCs are embedded into our brains, so when a medical emergency occurs, we know exactly where to start. Is the airway obstructed? If yes/no, follow the appropriate algorithm actions. Are they breathing independently? If yes/no, follow the appropriate algorithm actions. Is their heart beating in a life-sustaining rhythm and perfusing their body? If yes/no, follow the appropriate algorithm actions. 

This secret language is how our brains are wired to work. It allows us to communicate and understand each other in a succinct and simplistic way when every single second matters in a life-or-death scenario. When approaching healthcare professionals, would it not make sense to speak their language? 

Instead, we propose to you this:

The ABCs of Health Care Recruitment

Appreciation – Built Reputation – Compensation 

Is there a culture of appreciation?

the abcs of healthcare recruiting

Healthcare workers do what they do because they love it. They thrive under pressure, and they desire to be the help someone needs on their worst day. This is often a thankless job, and while they’re not in it for praise, being recognized for a job well done by your colleagues, managers, and employer is crucial. A lack of appreciation is one of the most common feedback points we hear from candidates who are looking to make a move elsewhere.  

Is there a built reputation?

The reputation of a healthcare practice or system starts at the administrative/management level. Steady leadership, open lines of communication, and managers who properly train and support their staff are of the utmost importance in order to retain your existing staff. Another main point of feedback from candidates looking for a move is that they are unhappy with recent management changes or do not feel safe/supported while on the job.  

Is the compensation competitive with the surrounding market?

This one may feel taboo, but at Titus Talent, we value courageous candor. We are committed to sharing transparent market data with our partners. Yes, healthcare professionals do their jobs because they love it, but they also need to support themselves and their families. It’s not about offering the moon; it’s about being competitive with the surrounding market. Finding creative ways to credit previous work history and offering an extra $1/hour can go a long way. Only having 2/3 of the healthcare ABCs in alignment is not enough to save a life, and it’s not enough to sway a candidate.  

If your current healthcare recruitment strategy is lacking, perhaps retracing your steps all the way back to the beginning of the alphabet is the place to start. Our healthcare industry experts can help.  

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