Celebrating 10 Years at Titus: Sierra Fletcher

June 7, 2024

Mari Martinez

Mari Martinez

As we celebrate Sierra Fletcher's 10-year anniversary with us at Titus, we take a moment to reflect on her remarkable journey and the incredible contributions she has made to our team and beyond.  

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Sierra joined Titus a decade ago, inspired by the unique culture and vision that set us apart from other companies. From her initial interviews with Peter and Jonathan, where laughter and connection were immediate, she knew this was the place for her. The authenticity and dedication to making a difference resonated deeply with her, solidifying her decision to build her career here. 

Over the years, Sierra has worn many hats, starting as a consultant without prior recruiting experience and transitioning through various roles, including marketing efforts, being the Senior Director of the Essentials Team, and her current position as the Sr. Director of Strategic Operations. Despite these changes, one constant has been her unwavering focus on partners, always striving to do right by them and ensuring their success. 

Among the many cherished memories with Titus, one that stands out is the overwhelming support and joy she received from her colleagues when she shared the birth of her daughter three years ago. This moment epitomizes the close-knit, supportive culture at Titus that Sierra values so deeply. 

Outside of work, Sierra is a devoted “Uber mom” to her two children, balancing soccer games, CrossFit training, and boating adventures with her family. Her passion for health and wellness, from cold plunges to saunas, reflects her commitment to leading a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Sierra draws inspiration from her children, who approach life with innocence and wholehearted effort. This inspiration translates into her professional life, where she strives to embody the same dedication and resilience. Her mantra of “failing up” and prioritizing progress over perfection is a testament to her growth mindset and determination. 

As we celebrate Sierra’s 10th anniversary, we honor her incredible journey and the profound impact she has had on Titus. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication, adaptability, and living our values every day. Here’s to many more years of success and inspiration! 

“Do not to be afraid to ask for help and to stay hungry, gritty, and humble. Leaning into mentors and guides can pave the way for growth and success. Embrace progress over perfection and always strive to be your best.” 

Sierra Fletcher | Sr. Director of Strategic Operations

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