Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Jake Ravelo

By: Titus Talent Strategies


National Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us! As a time to recognize, honor, and celebrate the tremendous influence Hispanic Americans have had on our culture and world at large, we’re taking some time to focus in on our Hispanic and Latinx teammates at Titus.

We’re excited to spotlight our next Titus employee, Jake Ravelo! He joined our Marketing Team in April of 2021 and is an absolute rock star.

What does Hispanic heritage mean to you and how has your heritage shaped who you are today?

Hispanic heritage has always been very close to my heart. It has helped me to understand the great sacrifices and contributions of Hispanic men and women of the past. My heritage has shaped who I am by the way I view family, the respect I show to others, and also the appreciation I have for my culture.

What is something you wish others knew about Hispanic heritage?

Sonia Sotomayor was the first Hispanic American to sit on the Supreme Court.

What advice (personal or professional) would you give to others of Hispanic/Latinx heritage?

Always believe in yourself and no matter how many times life knocks you down never give up.

How do you feel you are breaking barriers in the workplace?

I feel I am breaking barriers in the workplace by being open about my culture, but also valuing other viewpoints and being open minded to those who come from other cultures or backgrounds than myself. Treating anyone I come across with kindness and respect.

What are some of the things you love most about your Hispanic heritage? Or what are you most of proud of regarding your Hispanic heritage?

I absolutely love the food! We have so many different types of Hispanic dishes and they’re all amazing. I’m most proud of our view on family and the close ties our we have to family relationships.

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