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November 14, 2017

Titus Talent

Titus Talent

Creativity is the name of the game in healthcare recruiting. In a candidate-scarce market, how are you attracting the passive candidate to take a second look at your organization?

A healthcare worker using a machine at the National Cancer Institute.

At Titus Talent, we love working with organizations to give them a competitive edge in the recruitment world. This past year, we teamed up with one of our healthcare partners, Almost Home Kids to develop a creative way to attract top talent to their organization.

Through collaboration with the Almost Home Kids, we sponsored an open house and invited guests which included registered nurses in the area to meet the leadership team, tour the facility and learn more about the opportunities available for employment and volunteering.

We tailored the night around a cheese and wine theme to create an extra special experience. Not only did this help to make the event memorable, but it instantly created word-of-mouth advertisement post-event from inspired attendees.

ERE Media agrees that “letting candidates see the equipment, technology, tools, and facilities they would work with excites them and defines the organization better than any words can”.

If you decide to plan an Open House to ramp up your recruitment efforts, consider following these steps to ensure success.

  1. Establish your timeline: Create your event plan to determine deadlines and responsibilities.
  2. Determine event timeframe: Make sure your open house is at a time that accommodates a variety of schedules. For this event, we planned our event in the early evening to allow RNs working a variety of shifts to be able to make their way to the open house before or after their shift.
  3. Electronic sign-up: Considering using a platform like Eventbrite to promote your event in the community and to also gather RSVPs in an organized fashion.  You can also use these platforms to communicate with your attendees on a regular basis.
  4. Create targeted marketing materials: Design an eye-catching marketing piece with specific event information that can be used on various social media platforms.
  5. Promote event using social media: Utilize social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to spread the word.
  6. Follow-up: Follow up is key to guarantee success. Have a sign in sheet available at check in and make sure all attendees include their name, e-mail address, and phone number so your team can easily follow up with guests on their experience and interest in a potential job opportunity. In addition, you can use the Eventbrite platform to follow-up as well.

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