The Top 12 Recruiter Prompts of Christmas for ChatGPT in 2024 

December 5, 2023

Matt Gainsford

Matt Gainsford

In the festive spirit, we bring you a curated list of the top 12 prompts that ChatGPT offers, promising to elevate your recruitment strategies in the upcoming year.

The Top 12 Recruiter Prompts of Christmas for ChatGPT in 2024

The air is filled with the aroma of freshly brewed eggnog, homes are adorned with trees of all shapes and sizes, and the jingle of Christmas music echoes through every store. As we embrace the holiday spirit, it’s also the perfect time to unwrap the potential that lies behind each door of our “AI”dvent calendar, discovering the gifts that ChatGPT has in store for recruiters.

In the festive spirit, we bring you a curated list of the top 12 prompts that ChatGPT offers, promising to elevate your recruitment strategies in the upcoming year. Like gifts under the Christmas tree, these prompts are tailored to make your talent acquisition journey merrier and more efficient. So, let’s dive into the magical world where AI meets recruitment, unwrapping each prompt as we countdown to the New Year!

On the First Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Research Keywords and Alternate Titles for My Search 

Stay ahead of the curve by delving into the realm of quality tech semantics. With ChatGPT, you can conduct exhaustive research on keywords and explore alternative job titles, ensuring job listings are optimized for maximum visibility.  

Example: If you are working on a specialist search in a highly technical industry, you might use the prompt: Give me ten alternate titles for role X. 

On the Second Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Career Paths Charted Just for Me 

Guide candidates with precision by leveraging ChatGPT to map out comprehensive career paths. Understanding the intricate hierarchy of roles within our industry empowers us to provide invaluable advice to potential hires. 

Example: Show me the career path for someone in Quality. Or show the roles above and below a Quality Manager. 

On the Third Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: LinkedIn Requests Crafted Oh So Perfectly 

In the realm of candidate outreach, efficiency is our ally. Utilize ChatGPT to craft concise and compelling LinkedIn connection requests, optimizing our initial engagement with potential candidates. 

Example: Using the attached job description, write me a 200-word LinkedIn request that a candidate would respond to. 

Follow-up prompts: In the second paragraph, write something about who the perfect candidate is, and the value they will bring to the role. 

Bonus: Condense this message into 100 words for use in a LinkedIn connection request. 

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Technical Interview Mastery 

Enhance our technical interviews with ChatGPT’s assistance in generating specific, job-tailored questions. Reframe these questions to focus on candidates’ accomplishments, behaviors, and achievements, providing a more comprehensive view of their capabilities. 

Example: Write me 5 technical questions that will help me uncover examples of where a candidate has accomplished the must-haves in the job description. Write me 5 follow-up questions to assess their involvement in those accomplishments. 

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: A Boolean String Curated Beautifully 

Navigate the digital landscape more effectively with ChatGPT’s ability to create powerful Boolean strings. Streamline our search for candidates with precise skills and qualifications. 

Example: Using the attached job description and notes from the client, create a Boolean string I can use in LinkedIn or my ATS that will help me find suitable candidates. 

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Elevated Job Descriptions with Powerful EVPs 

Transform our job descriptions into compelling narratives by incorporating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Leverage ChatGPT to refine our messaging and attract top-tier talent to our organization. 

Example: Use the attached job description and turn it into a more dynamic document that uses what the client defines success in the role to look like. Also, use the mission statement of the organization so the candidate can get a sense of the impact they will have. 

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Diverse Groups Exploration 

Boolean strings aren’t just for job titles or skill sets. Often, some of the best candidates and A-players move in packs. They find like-minded performers in different companies and form groups for the sharing of information and drive toward continuous learning (and to share their industry in-jokes with people who REALLY get them). 

Foster diversity in our workforce by leveraging ChatGPT to research and create Boolean strings tailored to diverse groups. Broaden your talent pool and contribute to a more inclusive workplace. 

Example: Write me a Boolean search for LinkedIn groups pertaining to digital marketing. Make the focus on paid media and leave out affiliate marketing groups. 

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Rejection Messages Saying It’s Not You, It’s Me (but perhaps it might be you) 

Navigate the delicate task of candidate rejections with finesse. Allow ChatGPT to assist in crafting rejection messages that are clear, transparent, and leave candidates appreciative of our honest communication.  

Letting people down is one of the most difficult jobs recruiters have, so much so that some prefer to say it best by saying nothing at all. No one appreciates being left in the dark, and while saying “thanks but no thanks” can be a scary prospect, AI is making it easier (or certainly helping speed up the time spent on digging for the right words. 

Example: Write me an email to a candidate who did not get the job. Make sure to thank them for the time spent exploring the role. 

Top Tip – If you have spoken with a candidate, make sure you respect them by giving them a call. ChatGPT can help with this too. 

Example: Write me a script to let a candidate down in a professional yet personal manner. 

Make sure you edit the script or the email. This is one area you want to remain human in. 

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: A Way to Kick Off Roles So Seamlessly 

Before you put the right person in the right seat, you must first define the seat. 

Collaborate more effectively with partners and clients by leveraging ChatGPT to formulate insightful questions. Align the data you and your team seek and kick off new roles with a more productive and synergized approach. 

Top Tip – Use ChatGPT to create a list of initial interview questions that everyone agrees on.   

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: Email Subject Line Wizardry 

Cut through the clutter of email inboxes with attention-grabbing subject lines. Explore various options with ChatGPT to ensure our communications are noticed and engaged with effectively. 

Example: Give me a subject line that will increase my chances of my message being opened. Give me 5 subject lines that are serious and professional, and give me 5 subject lines that are funny or shocking. 

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: My Written Work Cleaned Up; An Easy Read 

Polish our communication by utilizing ChatGPT’s text editing capabilities. Clean up text, correct spelling mistakes, and ensure that our notes and messages convey the right tone and tense. 

Example: Please clean this paragraph up and ensure it is written in the correct tense and in the first/third person. 

Top Tip – Ask ChatGPT how readable the document is and ask it for suggestions to increase clarity.  

  • We would suggest breaking the text up as it will be easier for you to edit later on. 

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, ChatGPT Gave to Me: The Reminder, It Would Never Replace Me 

Remember, while ChatGPT is a powerful tool, our human touch is irreplaceable. These prompts serve as a foundation for us to make our own. Customize, adapt, and infuse our expertise to ensure that while AI aids the process, we remain the driving force behind successful placements. It is a supplement and not a substitute. People are getting wiser about how AI feels. For optimized communication, ensure the personal touch. 

May these twelve days of ChatGPT-inspired prompts bring efficiency and success to our recruitment endeavors in 2024. At Titus Talent Strategies, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovative solutions that enhance our mission of connecting Quality Talent with Lasting Impact. 

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