What Is An EOS® Integrator™? 

July 5, 2022

Ashley Meyer

Ashley Meyer

The EOS® Integrator™ is one of the most important positions within the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Integrators™ are the people who look at the strategy from a zoomed-out lens – in other words, they understand the larger picture and are able to strategically position themselves, and the company, in a way that allows them to accomplish major goals, lead business development, and be the go-to person for company vision. 

They get stuff done.

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There are three primary attributes that make for a successful Integrator™. They must be intelligent, organized, and structured if they want to be successful. These aren’t just important for their role, but also in their ability to push the company forward.  

Oftentimes, people confuse the Integrator™ with the Visionary™ role. While it is true that there are some overlapping passions, the two roles differ greatly in scope and purpose. 

Visionary™ vs Integrator™ 

EOS® Visionary™ Traits 

  • Focuses on the larger picture 
  • Jumps from project to project  
  • Handles large relationships with grace 
  • Demonstrates that they are a good cultural fit within the organization 
  • Great at closing deals, especially large ones 
  • Investigative 
  • Makes decisions based on emotions 

EOS® Integrator™ Traits 

  • Leads team meetings 
  • Makes decisions based on logic and data 
  • Good at conflict resolution and negotiation 
  • Values being “realistic” 
  • Enjoys meeting deadlines 
  • Excels in project management 

EOS®: Right Person, Right Seat 

In EOS®, “right person, right seat” refers to the idea that the person that fills the role is the exact match for the job, not just culturally but also professionally. There are three key things that are required for the candidate to be considered as the “right person.” 

  1. They understand the role and what they need to do to be successful 
  2. They want the role and want to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job 
  3. They have the capability to do the job. Meaning that they have the time, energy, skill and knowledge to execute 

We bring this up because the notion of “right person, right seat” is necessary for all team members – this includes the Integrator™ as well. For the Integrator™ to meet the needs of the company and excel, they too need to be the right person in the right seat. 

How We Utilize EOS® 

We understand EOS® because we use its business tools as well! In fact, our very own CEO Jonathan Reynolds is an EOS® Visionary™ and our President, Scott Seefeld, is an EOS® Integrator™. A strong relationship between the Integrator and the Visionary will help propel an organization forward in a dynamic and meaningful way. It allows both people to play to their strengths. At times it may feel like the Integrator is pulling the Visionary back or the Visionary is dreaming a little too much (especially if they are offering every employee a Lamborghini if they get x number of referrals) however the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by each party flourishes when both see the big picture. 

What if we don’t have the bandwidth for a full time Integrator? 

EOS® attracts Entrepreneurs (it is the Entrepreneurial Operating System), Visionaries, the ones who take ideas and convert them into envisioned actions. Entrepreneurs are like magnets, and they attract people who are excited by ideas they can build; they start things. One of the biggest challenges faced by a Start-Up is attracting investors and building process and structure. Fear not, introducing the Fractional Integrator. An expert who will jump on board with your business to consult on a part-time/contract basis. It offers you the best of both worlds. A big picture thinker who can remain objective to what is going to fuel success while also remaining connected to the excitement and dynamism offered by the Visionary. The Fractional Integrator will also assist with the building of executive teams and be a key component in clarifying, shaping and providing actionable goals for your company vision. 

If you lean on EOS® to run your business or to find the right person for your next role, we have experts who are ready to help!  

Find Your Next Integrator™

There’s a reason we call our people consultants and not recruiters. More than recruiters, Titus Talent Strategies are a team of Talent Optimizers who genuinely care about the work we do. We empower companies to put the right people in the right seats through informed, connected strategies that combine data with an empathetic understanding of what makes people tick. We recognize that our partners are investing in us and that results mean more than just people placed in a role. It’s about impact and connection.  


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